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Light bleeding. Need some advice

So I have spoken to a midwife and seen my GP for tests - which I’m waiting for. 
I am approx 4-5 weeks pregnant. I woke up this morning at 6am with very light pink bleeding when wiping. Now it’s somewhat darker and a little more blood (but not A LOT) it’s not filling a pad. It’s been approx 7 hours since it started and only now has it shown up on my pad the tiniest bit. I had a previous miscarriage 8 months ago at 17w 6d 😔 I just want to know if anyone has experienced bleeding during pregnancy and continued on to have a healthy baby? I don’t think this is implantation bleeding as I am 18DPO. Thank you 🙏🏼 


  • I’m sorry I’m not the best of hope, I’ve just been through the same thing this last week, I started on Monday with pinky brown spotting which turns more pink and red by the Wednesday, I had a scan on the Monday to check it wasn’t eptopic and measuring a week behind what I should of been 6 weeks but was only measuring 5 weeks but they didn’t seem too concerned and said it may be implantation bleeding, unfortunately it didn’t end well for myself and if it starts to become more dark Red to bright red then I would definitely get hold of the midwives again! Fingers crossed for you 🤞 
  • I’m so sorry to both of you for your losses. With my 2nd I bled till 10 weeks just small amounts of pink/red blood. She’s almost 7 now. My partners ex had a bright red normal period every month with their youngest. They didn’t find out she was expecting till 24 weeks, and he’s 10 now. Keeping everything crossed for you, rest and take it easy if you can x
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