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Spotting, cramps, but egg yolk, sac & embryo on ultrasound today

I have had some brown to weird dull cloudy red bleeding. It started brown on Saturday  and now today looks more reddish - four days later.  Everything on the ultrasound looked okay and was measuring properly at 6w & 2d but no fetal pole was detected or heartbeat. They located nothing that could be causing this bleeding. Has anyone else experienced this? I am hoping for the best but also very aware that a MC can kick in to full gear at any point. 


  • hi Aliensemble, how did it go? Any updates? I also had an ultrasound at 6w1day (by my calculation I should have been 1.5 weeks further along) and there was no heartbeat. I have a follow up US end of this week, which would have been 3 weeks later, and I'm feeling quite nervous
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