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Could I be pregnant?

Hi ladies! I'm feeling very confused, and I'm wondering if anyone has any insight or has gone through something similar... 

I ALWAYS have the same cycle. 5 days, all red colored blood, fairly heavy the first 3 days and a lighter flow the last 2 days.

This month, I felt a little different than normal before my period came. I started bleeding the day of my expected period, it was still a bright red color HOWEVER it was a light flow (but enough where i wanted to wear a pad) and seemed more watery than normal, and it only lasted for about a day and a half.... Then I had a day where i really had nothing at all... and for the next 2 days i was having dark brown spotting/discharge.

I did take a pregnancy test on that day in the middle of that, where I wasn't having anything, and it came back a negative result. It's now been 2 days since I had that brown spotting happen, and I have a weird ache in my lower abdomen and groin area (it's almost like something is being pulled more so than a normal period cramp). I also have an ache in my back, and no food sounds appetizing to me. 

Should I take another pregnancy test? Or do you think this is just a funky month and my hormones are off? Thanks so much!!!!


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