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Please I need advice.i miscarried 3months ago. As of Sunday am 6 weeks, Sunday afternoon I wee and wiped I saw brown discharge around I wiped small amount of fresh blood. I rushed to hospital Scan couldn't see anything I did pt positive, they gave me drugs and put me on bed rest.after the Sunday spott I didn't see other thing till Tuesday evening around it was dark blood very little. Wed nothing came out, Thursday brown discharge, Friday around I started seeing  dark blood after wee and wipe, in the night nothing show. Today lite brown. All those things appear mostly after I wee and wipe. although i order for discharge on Monday evening which they did and continue the bed rest in my house. I hv been on drugs they gave me.. no pains .


  • mum2234mum2234 Regular
    edited Dec 21, 2020 1:22AM
    I don't know much but i can tell you what I experienced and what my doctor told me...

    I had some brown discharge a couple times at 6 and 7 weeks. Wasn't enough to get in my underwear.. more like just enough to see a stain on the paper after wiping. Have you had sex or anything that could have irritated your cervix? My doctor told me sometimes if your cervix is irritated, it can be a reason for the old blood. They also told me not to worry too much about bleeding unless if you are filling up a pad within four hours time. 
  • I stopped having sex 8days b4 I started having discharge.  I hv been to 2 different hospital and 2 Gyno to kno if they will tell me something to hold on.yestday I hard minor lower abdomen pain with little blood 2day no pain. I pray that God will see me through... I have been reading people post is like ds is common now.  
  • sweet4life was everything ok? I hope so.  I’m experiencing similar to yourself
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