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Early scan and wrong dates? Panicking first time mum!!

Went to an early scan yesterday thinking I was almost 7 weeks. (dates from last known period but not 100%)
They found baby and egg sac but no heartbeat. Though baby only measuring 5wks5days so they have booked me in for another scan in 10 days to check for heartbeat. I feel awful like it could be that the baby isn't progressing and I've miscarried? Is this possible?
I did take a test on 17th November which came up 1-2weeks so could their dates be right? I suddenly worry so much and am checking all my symptoms. Woke up neasuea today but worried my breasts aren't as sore. Any advice? I hate having to wait. 


  • First of all, try not to panic just yet. It’s really tricky because things could be absolutely fine! Unfortunately there is a chance that things could’ve gone wrong too but for now, stay positive. I know it’s really hard and you’ll be worrying like mad but this has happened to a lot of people with positive endings.

    Have you done another weeks indicator test? That might give you an idea?

    it is quite possible that your dates are just wrong but it’s really hard to tell.

    Sending you lots of 

  • My dates were like this, by my date of last period I was 9+1 but at an early scan I was only 6+1 there was a yolk sac and a fetal pole, I guess sometimes we can ovulate late or we just never know but try not to worry I was back today for a booking scan and im 9+3 and all is well and strong heart beat, hope all goes well for you 💖 
  • I still feel very sick and tired but my boobs aren't sore so taking things as a good sign. Hate having to wait over Christmas in the unknown 😢
  • Fingers crossed you were just a bit out with dates. Try not to 
  • @JxW hi , this is really difficult and hard not to worry ,ive always been really sure of my dates though, ive heard this happening lots and being all ok if ur not sure of dates etc or  cycle it could be fine . This happened to me I was over 7 wks and went 2 a private scan they told me I was 2 weeks behind no heartbeat baby wrong size etc I knew this was bad because I was sure of my cycle ,this was a miscarriage for me unfortunately that time  x
  • This happened to me, they found a yolk sac but that was it. I was originally due on 29th May, then the date kept changing but now its consitently been 10th June. So quitr a gap, for me the baby did grow and have a heartbeat. Im now ovee 16 weeks. Please let us know how you get on xxx
  • Hi,

    It’s worth saying that unless you were actively tracking your ovulation with OPKS , cervical mucus, and a confirmed rise in BB temperature (which happens after ovulation has occurred) then you could have ovulated late this cycle or you’re a late “ovulator” in general! Going off of LMP is just a guideline as it assumes every woman has a 28 day cycle with ovulation on day 14 with a 14 day luteal phase, which for many women isn’t accurate. Even if you have a 28 day cycle you could ovulate on day 16 or 18, heck even as early as day 12 or 13, as the luteal phase can vary between 10-16 days from woman to woman, even cycle to cycle. 

    It takes months to figure out how your cycle works and even then it can change, the body works how it wants when it wants!

    the heart beat can be detected in the 5th week but is more commonly seen in 6-8 weeks. Also depends on the type of ultrasound, transvaginal or abdominal and body weight/uterus shape. 

    I wouldn’t worry as stress isn’t good for you or baby! 
  • @JxW when is your scan?xxx
  • Had my scan and unfortunately confirmed a missed miscarriage for me. No growth or heartbeat. Xx
  • @JxW I thought that might happen but hoped so much that it would be fine. I’m so sorry for your loss. Xxx
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