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Pregnant school and early years workers?

Hey all! 
Are there any pregnant school or early years workers out there? Feeling nervous about returning to work in the new year with the rising covid numbers and wondering how everyone else is feeling? 
Is it true that I should be suspended with full pay until I can start maternity if my workplace is unable to ensure I can socially distance and follow government guidelines in the workplace? (which of course with children is impossible) Looking for any advice or any in a similar situation. Thanks 😊


  • I work in a secondary school. I’m not pregnant but I would look up the government guidelines for pregnancy and work at the moment. Our school let pregnant ladies WFH. I’m not sure if anything’s changed though.xx
  • @EmJ3 thank you! Yes I was reading the guidelines last night and they do seem to state that if a work environment can't be made covid secure, and I am unable to work from home or be offered safer duties then I am to be suspended with full pay. 
    I don't think it's possible to make a pre-school covid secure but I'm worried my work will claim that children don't count and therefore I have no need to social distance or wear ppe and expect me to carry on as normal. On the flip side, I feel guilty for wanting to go suspended or work from home as I feel fine in myself and feel I've been conditioned into thinking myself selfish for wanting to keep me and baby safe. I know what I should do - I think I just feel pushy doing it
  • It’s tricky! Does your workplace know you’re pregnant? 
    I know at one point it was only ladies who were in the 3rd trimester but I think that changed. I’m not sure though!xx
  • @EmJ3 they do. I don't think they've been very proactive with protecting me throughout to be honest. I told my manager I was pregnant at 5 weeks and it took her until I was 17 weeks to do a risk assessment. Now I'm getting more up to date on the guidelines and it's scaring me, I'll be 25 weeks when I go back on Monday.
    Even more annoying, the guidelines for schools seems to have changed since last night and now says it's safe at all stages for pregnant women to go to work at a school - yet the advice for early years settings and all other work settings is that if social distancing cannot be maintained and safer duties given then to suspend the pregnant staff, especially at 28 weeks and beyond. Such conflicting advice and makes me worried about what the government is trying to do to teaching staff. How can it be safe in one setting but not another and why is it suddenly safe in schools now when the majority of the country is in tier 4 and many hospitals taking critical incident measures 
  • I totally agree with you. It’s really tricky. I would voice your concerns with your line manager- is that the head? I asked for one of the teachers in my faculty to wfh and the head totally agreed and was fab! 
    Just remember that no one really knows so they’re probably unsure too.

    I can’t believe the guidelines have changed so much with so little data???xxx
  • @EmJ3 I have emailed my manager and managing director today expressing my anxiety and quoting the early years setting guidance which last night was the guidance for schools too 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ I work in a pre-school in a school setting but it's owned seperately and not technically part of the school. They do however run a before and after school club in the same room every day with children from all years mixing in the same room, although segregated from the nursery children so it's really hard to know which guidance would be applicable for me. I am worried they will choose the school guidance as it would suit them best, although I can't see how if there is conflicting advice for nurseries 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ I'm probably just being pessimistic and fingers crossed they will be understanding. I requested to be suspended if they can't assure mine and my baby's safety, and failing that I've changed my maternity dates to start as early as they can from when I'll be 29 weeks so will just have to be super careful for the next 4 weeks. Such a nightmare! I've no idea what the government are thinking at the moment
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