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Have a baby in 2021 or wait 2/3yrs

Hi, I have always wanted my first child at 25/26yrs years old (currently 25yrs). I have been with my partner for 7.5yrs and we got engaged May 2020, we where hoping to get married this year but due to covid we have pushed it back till summer 2022. 

I have also been in my new job for two month, which I love as it is a job I have always dreamed of. We have also bought our first house, which will need some work doing to it come March/April time. 

I really want to have a baby this year and even though I feel ready I am worried about my job of missing out, the financial impact of a new house and baby and also not being married (my parents wouldn’t approve). 

My plan B was to try and be 3 month pregnant around my wedding in 2022 so I could have it December 2022.

Just so unsure what is best, my head is tell me to wait till 2022/23 but that’s not what my heart wants. 


  • Is there no way you could get married at the end of this year or earlier next year?? It might be more of a compromise!!!xx
  • can you try and bring the wedding forward? will give you something to plan and look forward too. having a baby is always a stretch on the finances, if you could have the work done on house so that pressure is out the way and then its also ready for the baby.
    I wanted to have a baby before I was 30, have my first and I'm 31. I don't regret waiting its just the way life went, we were financially ok and then covid hit and now were not! :sweat_smile:
    what does your partner want?
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