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4 positive and 2 negative pregnancy tests

I did 2 tests on the 27th one came back positive second negative. I called doctor ok Monday and got told to test on the coming weekend aka today. So me being me did 4. 3 positive and 1 negative. What the hell is going on. Am I or arent I, so confused might ask for bloods as dont know what's going on. Any advice x 


  • Were they all the same brand? Different tests have different sensitivity to HCG so it could just be that your levels aren't high enough just yet for one brand of test. It's very rare to get a false positive on a pregnancy test.
  • They were different brand. I know this a stupid question to ask but if I called my doctors tomorrow and asked for a blood test or something will I be able to get  a definitive answer do you think when results come in?
  • You'd definitely get a definite answer from bloods when the results come in. If you try a First response early response test you should get a definite answer too. They have a low sensitivity so they'd pick up HCG levels a lot early and easier. I have my fingers crossed that you get what you're hoping for. Good luck!
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