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4 weeks and 5 days pregnant - SPOTTING AND CRAMPING


I’m new to this and don’t know where to start. I think I’m 4 weeks coming on 5 weeks pregnant. My period was due 05.03.21. I’ve taken many tests and all have come back positive. Today at 4w 5d I noticed slight blood on the toilet paper after I wiped, maybe because I’ve been more aware of the blood I’ve noticed that I’ve also been cramping too. Do we think this may be the start of a miscarriage? Or is it normal?

I also “spotted” on the 02.03.21 so I can’t see this being implantation bleeding again. 

Any help or advise would be hugely appreciated. 


  • These photos are the transition of spotting throughout the day. It started light and has ended dark.

  • I’m 4 weeks pregnant and yesterday had brown discharge and today light pink similar to yours. Annoying that we can’t do scans at this stage to put our minds at ease ;( keep me updated with how things go for you and good luck!x
  • Hey @marleyg it's hard to say... I had a chemical last month, but I bled a lot. The first two days I'd say it was stronger than my regular period. When I called the doctor, she said it can have different reasons; and it doesn't need to be a chemical. She told me to test again the next couple of days to see if the line gets darker or more faint though. 
  • I’m so sorry to hear. Thank you for the advise though, I think I’ll monitor it over the next few days and test to see whether the lines are just as strong as they were to start with. 

    I think the waiting to “see” is the hardest part of all. I was told to call the early pregnancy unit at the hospital If my symptoms persist, but I think I’m too early for anyone to take any interest just yet.

    Thank you both! 
  • Yeah, it was the same for me. Too early to see anything. In the end I went to have a scan, because I had (mild) cramps for a few days she wanted to make sure it's not an ectopic pregnancy. When I was there she told me that because of the heavy flow I should be prepared for it to be a chemical. The good news though is that many women get pregnant the month(s) after a chemical. 
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