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Light brown spotting

Hi! I am wondering if anyone has experienced this. I am supposed to be 5 weeks 2 days I got my HCG done at 4 weeks 5 days and it came back at 17 the dr said it was low 48h later it came back at 24 and the ob on call nurse is saying my pregnancy doesn’t look good and I should expect a miscarriage or etopic pregnancy due to low rising hcg levels. 


  • I'm so sorry to hear @Mdono07! Yes I had a chemical last month, I didn't check my hcg levels but I tested positive once, didn't test again and around a week after my AF was due I started bleeding, and after two days I tested again and it was negative.
    I know how hard it is but it helped me to know that a lot of pregnancies end up being a chemical, but many don't even notice and think their AF just arrived late.
  • Mdono07Mdono07 New
    edited Mar 21, 2021 4:40PM
    I haven’t had any bleeding just light minimal brown spotting that last maybe an hour than goes away it’s happen twice. I go in Monday to see if my levels are still rising 
  • Fingers crossed for you @Mdono07 that everything is well!
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