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Light bleeding

Hi , 
I'm 4 weeks pregnant after having two previous ectopic pregnancies. Yesterday I noticed brown blood when I wiped and today it's seems to be more red in colour. I have an early scan on Friday I praying all will be fine. Has anyone else experienced this? 


  • Hi @katt1906 Hope it is not a MC. Chemical pregnancies are too common and happen within 5 weeks of pregnancy. If the bleeding continues and enough to fill pads you have had a chemical pregnancy otherwise mild spotting is just an implantation sigh which is nothing to worry about. All the best to you. Also, if you bled its not necessarily a MC you can do a scan to verify. Keep me updated on this. All the Best
  • I meant 6 weeks pregnant 🤦🏻‍♀️ bleeding has stopped I've got my scan tomorrow fingers crossed all will be fine it was the tiniest of blood when I wiped so I prey it was normal x
  • My friend sometimes bled a little a few hours after she had sex when she was pregnant. Her doctor said it's kind of common... 
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