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1st time Mam - Spotting. Advice please.

Hey everyone, hope you might be of some help to me. I got a BFP on April 1st (of all days I know) and my first day of my last period was 1st of March. Over the weekend I have light spotting just on the tissue when wiping (very light pink rather than red) and never enough to fill a pad. Since it's faded and only odd spots but very light. I contacted the EPU and they booked me in for an early scan. Had it today and should have been what I believed based on period - 6 weeks and 2 days. Midwife said it's in the right place, can see the sac and something inside but not sure if there's just a flicker of a heartbeat and the size is showing more as 5.5 weeks so I'll have to come back again next week. Possibly ovulated later than expected hence the size and dating different.
Don't have many significant symptoms but I'm exhausted with worry. Has anyone ever experienced like this? Did you have a successful pregnancy with this spotting?
Trying to be optimistic and positive but so worrying when it's your first time. 


  • Hi please try not to worry I bled right up to 10 weeks with my youngest and shes 7 now. Congrats on your bfp there’s a due in December thread on here you should come join us 😊 x
  • I know lots of people who have had spotting through the early stages and everything has been fine xxx keeping fingers crossed for you that your next scan is much clearer and theres an obvious heart beat so your mind can be put at rest
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