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Am I Pregnant?

The line looks very very very faint but I feel like I see something there. Are my eyes tricking me? It’s maybe been about two weeks from when it could have happened. (Literally my honeymoon lol) 

please give your opinions 😊


  • i dont see a line im sorry test again in a couple of days good luck and baby dust to you love :)

  • Hi @Marbles97

    I can see a very faint line 😊, but as suggested repeat it in 48 hours and should be more visible (though knowing myself I'd test the following morning with first urine lol as I'm impatient 🤣). 

    Good luck, let us know what happens 😊
  • I can see the faintest line also! We test in a week and update us! Good luck hun xx
  • I can see a faint line, similar to my first bfp with this pregnancy, hope it gets darker for you x
  • I think you are this how light mine was at first same test 
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