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Spotting 5 weeks 3 days

Hello ladies! I am worried I had a successful round of IVF and I’m currently 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant and I just wiped and there was small amount of blood (spotting) on the tissue is this normal? Currently on progesterone suppositories. Help?! X


  • Hi @Shannon1993!, I am currently 7 weeks 1 day pregnant through IVF and had spotting around the same time. Keep an eye on it if it gets heavier and you have more of a flow contact your IVF clinic
  • Thank you! Did you spot much? My first ultrasound isn’t till the 18th (7 week ultrasound) 
  • I had light brown spotting just when I wiped for about 24hrs then it stopped. Try to rest and relax as much as possible I know it's hard though.
  • Thank you for responding, just was worried as it was pink/red colour but I’ll keep an eye on it. 
  • Your welcome fingers crossed for the rest of your pregnancy.
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