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Medication In pregnancy

 Hi all
I'm 29 weeks pregnant and have been suffering with anxiety my whole pregnancy. I have a history of anxiety that I developed in my last pregnancy. Long story short I ended up taking antidepressants(ssri's) from about 24 weeks during my last pregnancy- both boys twins were born healthy and are doing extremely well developmentally . My doctor wants me to take the ssri ( antidepressants) again but I'm hesitant. After the boys were born I researched ssri's and realised there is a link with Autism ( small and inconclusive link) in children who were exposed in pregnancy. I spent the first 2 years of my boys life worrying they may have autism as a result of me taking the medication- they don't have autism. I'm doing my best to control my anxiety with cbt but it isn't going away. I know this is a sensitive topic for some so I hope I'm not upsetting anyone but I need advice on what to do. I know anxiety isn't good for me or the baby either. I'd love to hear from mum's in similar situations. Obviously I want to listen to my doctor but they aren't going to have to deal with the consequences if something does go wrong. How did others make the decision to take or not take medication. Did it have adverse effects on your pregnancy or child, taking medication vs not taking medication. Sorry for the long post I just hope I can get some advice from all you lovely mums. Thanks In advance.

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