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Early pregnancy scan not as expected...

Hi everyone 😊
I'm hoping there are others that have went through something similar and can maybe easy my mind a little? From my last menstrual period I've worked out I'm 7 weeks pregnant. I went for an early scan yesterday at what I thought was 6w6d. It wasn't what I hoped and I came away distraught. They could only see a gestational sack and a yoke but no embryo/baby. I've read that you should see this at 6 weeks... I've been told to go back in 2 weeks times. I know that my date is correct as I had it wrote down and tracked however I have heard that it all depends when you ovulate and if your irregular? My periods were usually between 24-30 days cycles. I just hope it's not bad news 😔 when I got my report back it said that the sack measures at what a 5 week 2 days sack should be. Can that be right, can I be that out by dates?!? X


  • Hello Chloe.

    I am in the similar situation as you. I went for my early scan at what I thought I was 5 weeks 5 days. But to find a very small 2mm gestational sac and we can conclude if its a pregnancy so we had to do a blood test and it came back 817 HCG level and doctor say its confirmed a pregnancy just that its measuring 3-4weeks. We went in back for a scan the week after and we could see the GS clearly with the yolk sac and embryo but doc say the embryo is too small to hear the heartbeat so no heartbeat yet. The good news is, it is growing and its a normal growth for a week. Its measuring early 5 weeks where is should be 6 weeks 5 days. We are very sure of our dates too and mentioned this to the doctor. He entered all the possible date and also looked confused. However, he seems positive about the pregnancy. We are going in again this Sunday for the next round of scan. The waiting is an agony. I can't concentrate at work and kept googling about it. I have read positive and negative experiences so I am keeping positive about this pregnancy. I think there isn't much you can do and only the scan can tell you what is happening. I will update after the scan. 
  • Aww it sounds like you're hearing all the right things from the doctor 😊 yes please keep me updated! I keep googling too... my sac measured 6. 89mm which is why they put it down to being 5w2d and not 6w2d. Just hope that's right and it didn't just stop growing at 5w2d... ill find out on 30th when I go for my next scan... fingers all crossed for you! x
  • I do hope so. My sac was only about 6.5 mm during the second scan but it has grown from 2mm. He is the same doctor when I was pregnant with my son. Fingers all crossed for you as well. Update you soon. Hope it has put your mind at ease.
  • It has thank you 😊😊 x
  • I am afraid it isn’t good news for me. But I advise to not worry so much as there are really a lot of successful cases. 
  • Oh no 😔 I'm so so sorry to hear this 😢 x
  • Hello Chloe. Sorry for the late reply. I am holding pretty well here. I took the pills and started bleeding. Went to the doctor and check and he did the necessary to clean out the tissues and used a clamp to remove the GS. So it was CD 1 then and Doc say I should have a normal cycle on Nov 24 and we could TTC again.. Hope all is well on your side :)
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