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Nausea remedies?

Evening all, just wondering if anybody has found anything that helps with nausea? I completely understand it can’t be avoided completely but just something to take the edge off.

I’ve tried ginger in many forms but no longer does anything.
I’ve reached a point where I’m struggling to eat so naturally it’s becoming concerning for me.


  • Hi Lysia,

    When I was pregnant with my daughter,  I had very bad nausea it was awful in my commute to work,  the only thing that helped was rly sweet things like boiled sweets or fruitellas or citrus fruits xD
  • P. S the GP can prescribe you anti sickness tablets if it gets worse xx
  • Thank you for responding @JL2022 !
    I’ll definitely try those out since I’ve still not found anything else lol 
  • Its really hard for me to eat as well, feeling nauseous all the time. Trying to eat little portions at every 2 hour interval, it helps abit. Having food at room temperature is more comforting, maybe you can try that. Quite horrible to feel nauseous and yet hungry! 
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