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Early pregnancy and random cravings

I am in very early pregnancy I am 5w4d, did /does anyone have random cravings with food and then once you eat it,  it just wasn't as nice as you thought?  😂


  • I’m currently 8weeks and I wish I could say I’ve been having food cravings 😂 
    Having an absolute fight with food lately lol 

  • 5w3d, and I haven't had any cravings yet.  I do find myself persistently hungry, though.  I have to be very thoughtful about what I eat because of it.

    Sorry to hear you're fighting with food @Lysia.  Ginger, peppermint, fizzy water, saltines... all recommendations for nausea... but one friend advised me not to go too heavy on ginger or peppermint.  1yr postpartum, and she still can't enjoy ginger because of it!
  • I am in early pregnancy and I've been having insane cravings for pork, literally everything pork, bacon, fresh pork omg it's all I have been thinking about since just before my period came! The thing is, pork is a meat that I very rarely eat because it doesn't agree with me! My craving has calmed down abit now, and I am craving for other things but my nausea is really intense. I have totally gone off eating chicken, and I love chicken so much before I conceived! 
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