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Not enjoying Pregnancy at all.

I'm 13 weeks pregnant, but suffering. I've had very bad nausea starting from week 1 of pregnancy, heightened sense of smell from week 5 and still strong. I have so many food aversions that I could not eat much until 12 weeks due to my sense of smell, nausea, and vomiting. Hence I lost 3 kg. I have very bad motion sickness when sitting in passenger seat or driving.   I also developed gag reflux from week 5 onwards so when I brush my teeth, I have the tendency to vomit or get everything out of my stomach.

I get very very exhausted all the time. I almost fainted twice due to lack of energy. I have way too many food aversions and strong sense that we haven't cooked at home for almost 9 weeks. Even when neighbours are cooking, i can smell there food from 500m away.

My teeth are thinning and gums bleed because I can't tolerate milk or yoghurt.

From week 8 onwards, I have started getting this weired pain in my lower abdomen whenever I laugh, cough, sneeze, urinate. I was told it is round ligaments stretching.

Other symptoms include, acid reflux, heartburn and indigestion. I don't get more than 3-4 hrs of sleep because I'm either waking up hungry or have the urgency to urinate. I live on bland foods or crackers. And not putting on any weight. My skin is drying out and I have started getting acne almost all over my body.

Last week I had uncontrolled bladder where coughing made me pee in my underwear. It is just embarrassing.

I've asked my doctor, nurse and midwife if my strong sense smell will go away? Unfortunately they said they can't help me with it.

I was given acidix for indigestion and heartburn. For nausea i was prescribed ginger, vitamin b6, and cyclizine.

They have found 3 large fibriods growing with the pregnancy.

I know people will say it will be worth it in the end but i am really doubting it now. Kids are cute and all but a this suffering for the mother? Why do women want to be mothers when they have to go through all this?

Sorry for the rant, I'm just not enjoying this experience. I doubt I'll ever go through this in life. One time is too many for this discomfort.


  • I really didn't enjoy my pregnancy either there's no need to be ashamed about it. Sounds like you have it pretty bad. I had sickness past 20 weeks and it killed me then got this pain in bed, anxious, tired. It was tough. Lots of people say pregnancy is great but they're psychos hahaha. Hang in there mama. 
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