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6 weeks pregnant

Hi ! I'm 6 weeks pregnant,  I've got a 16month old baby and haven't planned another one till later , but it happened ha ! Anyone else expecting a baby and have still a small child at home?? I'm kind.of scared I won't cope with 3 ! Although my oldest is 7. 😁😁 Happy to chat with anyone x 


  • Hi @Benka96,  I have just come across your post 6 months later! As I am in a similar position.  I have an almost 6 year old and a 19 month old - both via IVF.  I didn't think we could have children naturally - 8 years of infertility.  But I am unexpectedly pregnant with a third and finding it hard as we were very happy with two and I didn't visualise / plan for a bigger family.  I just wondered how you are getting on and feeling with what must be the imminent birth of your third?
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