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my baby is here!! :)



  • Thanks everyone!!

    SonnyRain there are a few pics of him on my BA in the DIS forum.

    we used this with the dog to prepare him
    the booklet that comes with the cd has some very good advice in it. we have a playpen in the lounge that we put william in if he's asleep so dexter can't trample him. so before he was here we put various items in there so dexter could see all the different bits to get used to them - moses basket, car seat, bouncy chair, etc. we also had our friends over with their baby a few times.

    It's amazing how fast dexter is adapting. to begin with he got quite upset when william cried, and seemed anxious about him. now he will look up or pop over to check when he starts crying, but if we say don't worry he's ok he'll wonder off again. si is trying to walk him at all his normal times to keep his routine same, and we had some new toys/treats ready to give him.
  • Just g/c'ing to say CONGRATULATIONS!! image

    I am so pleased for you. Enjoy every second - time goes by so quickly!

    Love NN xx
  • Huge congratulations and such a beautiful name. Well done hunnie! x x x
  • G/Cing to say congratulations! See you in baby image

    Like NN says, enjoy every single second (I know you will be but it is so scary how quickly they stop being newborns!)!

  • Congratulations image
  • Yay!! Gemgems, Only just read this!! I am soooooo pleased for you hun!! CONGRATS!!

    and welcome little William Stanley (love the names!!) xxx

    FT 18+2 image
  • hey,

    just seen this and i wanted to say a huge congrats....i too always found reading the positives and birth stories helped me through my pregnancy....

    enjoy every moment with him x
    i am counting the days until im 24 weeks pregnant! currently 22.5weeks!
  • I have just seen this!!! Well done! Gem you so deserve this as you are such a help to us all on here! Enjoy getting to know your son!
  • i've only just seen this! yay! Congrats hun, guna be hunting out those pics right now! xxxx
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