hiya didnt no weather post this coz dont wana upset ne1 else just so scared not sure wat 2 do,,, im 14 weeks and just been toilet wipe myself n there was like lil bit pink but brown blood ,,, i had miscarriage at 18 weeks in aug 08 n so worried happen again help plz x:cry:


  • sorry hunny...its horrid to be so scared but try not to worry too much yet. Have you phoned nhs direct? I had a miscarriage last weekend and they helped me through it by telling me what to do and keeping me calm. If its brown then its old blood. Is this when your period would be due as others have said that this can sometimes cause break through bleeding. You need to speak to someone who knows. I went straight to hospital and although mine wasnt a good story, it wouldnt have mattered. They treated me like everything was ok and were lovely. They told me to go back whatever I felt as they wanted to help.

    Hope everything turns out to be ok.

    Hugs sweetie.

    Gemma xxx
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