1st hurdle passed

Had early scan today at 8+3. Heartbeat seen and I'm slightly reassured. Might not completely lose the plot waiting for 12 weeks now.

Going for the scan was horrible though. MMC in september left us unsure about anything, no bleeding or other signs just the shock in the scan. Going back there has been onmy mind since BFP. Hardly slept for days and could have passed out walking in there. Sonographer was great though and found heatbeat really quick and spun screen to let me see. The relief made me and hubby cry. Our toddler shouted bean beebie (like cbeebies), how cute!

So glad that's out of the way. Just shattered now after being so stressed!


  • am so happy for u hunni, i've been there too!!!! refused to look at the screen until my hubs told me all was ok!!!! am now 38+1 and looking forward to impending labour (never thought i'd say that!! lol!!!) hope u enjoy the rest of ur pregnancy xxxx
  • You sound exactly like me at our first scan last week, I couldn't bear to look at the screen either until the sonographer told us she had found the heartbeat, isn't that just the best feeling to hear that? Hope you are able to relax a little more now and enjoy your pregnancy,

    Take care,
    Caroline xxx
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