Wasn't meant to be...

Sadly I went for another scan today as I had been having bleeding - and in my heart of hearts I knew something was wrong... sadly my worst fears were right as there wasn't a heart beat... exactly a week ago there was one... and now its gone...
Having a D&C tomorrow... and they are going to send off the sac for tests etc.. as this is my fourth miscarriage in a year.. boo hoo..
So I shall be taking a break from B.E but hopefully will be back withing a few months...
Good luck to you all..
A xx


  • Oh hun I am really sorry to hear your news. My heart goes out to you at this awful time. I know there is nothing I can say to make things better so sending you lots of ((((HUGS!)))) and I am thinking of you. I hope the ERPC isn't too stressful for you and you get some answers from the results.
    Lilou x
  • 4 miscarriages in a year is an awful thing to happen. I hope that the Drs can do something to help you and that you will get your beautiful baby. Good luck with everything

  • 4 miscarriages in a year is an awful thing to happen. I hope that the Drs can do something to help you and that you will get your beautiful baby. Good luck with everything

  • So sorry to read your post, take care of yourself, your in my thoughts.

    Inka xx
  • oh honey i'm so sorry, hope tomorrow goes ok, i'll be thinking of you xxx
  • O hun, I feel for you.

    I hope today was OK for you.

    Hopefully they will be able to look into why this is happening to you and help you have a beautiful baby soon.

    All my love to you,

    Love MH xx
  • Hi Magic Bean,

    I am so sorry to hear about your loss, i have had exactly the same thing this week. Was pregnant for the third time after 3 mc but sadly went for an scan tuesday as have been bleeding and meant to be 11 weeks but they told me the baby had died at 8 weeks and no heartbeat, it really ios heart swrenching so i know whta you are going through.

    You just don't understand why it keeps happening. But good luck when you go to the hospital i had my op yesterday on my bday what a way to spend your bday, ey.

    But i am very sorry for you and hold your head up,. We will both get out lo soon this will be our year. xxxx
  • so sorry to hear ur news!!! hope to see you here again really soon (((HUGS)))) xxxxx
  • Hello hunny, im so sorry to read this, my thoguths are with you at this difficult time.

    Ive had 3mcs in 8months - and i would be the lady from april forum who had weekly injections to keep this pg going (my 4th). They where called pregnayl, its a weekly hormone injection that supports the corpus luteum (babys life support for the first 12wks) I know right now ttc is probably the last thing you want to think about, but when you feel strong enough again you can mention them to your consultant/doctor - i truely believe they helped me, id given up all hope xxxxxxxx
  • I am so sorry for your loss I was hoping this was going to be a happy ending to the rotten year you have just had. I am really hoping you are back on here soon with good news that stays good luck to you and for the year ahead.

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  • Thank you all so much for your kind words... I feel strangly positive that I will have a baby... so its onwards and upwards.. the shine has been firmly taken off the whole pregnancy thing... so just need to treat it like a project now..!! We will get the end result even if it takes a dozen miscarriages - I will get there... each miscarriage is of course absolutely heart breaking but each one gets a little easier... as you know what to expect etc... I guess the hint is not to get excited about any pregnancy until way down the line... which is a shame but I guess the only way that I am going to get through it...
    Masses of luck to you all - and hopefully see you all soon...
  • Hello sweetheart, I posted on your "due in aug post," but just wanted to say again how incredibly sorry I am for your loss, I was gutted to hear it had happened again for you, it's utterly heartbreaking. I just wanted to say that you have been amazingly strong during all of this and continue to sound positive about the future and I take my hat off to you, you are a special person and you WILL get there. I just sincerely hope it is very soon for you, you do not deserve this pain.

    i wondered if you had decided to have any tests at all? After my last mc, we were referred to the recurrent mc clinic and had various blood tests etc. All the results came back fine, but we are still waiting for the chromosome tests, which we get in Feb. I think in a lot of ways, i wanted them to find a problem, so that they could fix it; but by the same token, i also think that knowing there was no reason why we shouldn't be able to carry a baby to term, boosted my pma no end.

    Rest lots over the coming weeks, sending all love and hugs xxxxxx
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