Is it possible to know straight away your pregnant?

Hi All,

I think i might be going made! I had an MMC is June this yr and have had one full cycle, i'm coming to the end of my second cycle. So it wont be long til D Day.

Of course, after what happened we've been working very hard to be blessed. The morning after a very hard work out, i felt something. I was very aware and every day since i've had movement and cramping.

Because of the mmc, i'm unsure of what this means. the only thing is i didnt have any of this during the first cycle.

So what i'm asking is, is it just my body trying to sort it's self out. Or has anyone one else know from day one that they're pregnant?

There is one more thing to through in, my 1st cycle was 28 days and the 2nd 24!!!

I'm confused but hoping and praying that my bodies telling me i've been blessed.


  • my aunty says she knew when she conceived my 2nd cousin. she said they'd been trying a while and the morning after doing the deed she told my uncle she was pregnant and he laughed at her, but that was the month they got bfp.

    hope the same happens with you. good luck!!! when will you be testing?

  • Hi Gemgems,

    Thanks for your message, because im cycle seems to be all over the place. I'm going to be trying a home test every couple of days.

    If my cycles where regular then today would be my first day of my P, but no sign yet but test done first thing and it was the dreaded Neg!

    However i'm holding out, mother nature you're not welcome so go away.
    I'm keeping everything crossed and being positive, thats all a lady can do.

    Is that your dog in your picture? Is it a GD or Weima or am i totally wrong? hahahaha. I may not have been blessed yet with babies but i do have 2 children (dogs) but are Weima's and very much like rather large babies. LOL:lol:

  • baby number 1 is a german short haired pointer x doberman, it was an accidental litter at a breeders that breeds both.
    let's hope he's not too put out by the human baby as I'm 37+4 so we'll find out soon!
  • It is weird and a lot of people would say it can't happen but yes i did have a feeling i was pg again hence i tested so early. I tested at 9dpo and got the feintest of feintest lines which slowly got darker and darker over the following week.
    As you say, you know something is different


  • Hey thats great news, you must be soo happy.

    Well i've not come on but still getting a neg, so it's just waiting now to see if i do or dont come on and test again in a few days.

    It will happen, just when my body's ready rather than my head and heart.

    Good luck with ur scan.

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