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Help please! I think I'm loosing another baby! *UPDATE*

Good morning ladies. It's the 3rd time for me to post on babyexpert.
I'll explain my story so that you can understand what is happening.
In July 2008 my DH and I decided to try for a baby which we luckily conceived in October and lost it being between 5-6 weeks in pregnancy. We tried again later on and in March 2009 I fell pregnant and again when I was 5-6 weeks i lost it. We started trying again after a couple of months and for 16 months nothing happened which worried us a lot. We decided beginning of this month to go to the doctor and start investigating if there is a problem.
I was waiting for my period so that I can go and do the blood tests
but the witch wouldn't come, so I decided to do a test.
Well, I did one on Thursday morning which came back positive. We were very happy but at the same time worried that the same thing as before will happen. I went to work and started having brown discharge which I still have. Yesterday went to the pharmacy to do a test (you have to do a test there and then take it to the Gp) and came back negative. I was worried that I didn' read the previous test correctly and made a huge mistake believing I got pregnant. To cut a long story sort, I did a CBD a few minutes ago and said ????pregnant 1-2????. According to my cycle I should be 5 weeks today as my last period was on the 24th of July. is that correct??? Shouldn't the test show 2-4 or 3+?
Also, if this is the 3rd miscarriage, what kind of tests are they doing and how long the whole process lasts?
Thank you for being able to read all of my post


Well it looks like I've lost this little bean as well....third unsuccesful prgnancy in a row.
I went to the hospital yesterday as the bleeding got heavier. They did a urine test which came back possitive. Then they examined me internaly and the doctor said that the neck of the womb was slightly open and a lot of blood was coming so they refered me to go back today for a scan.
So I went in the morning, the doctor did the scan and said that my womb was empty. They did a urine test as well, which came back possitive but I guess that happened because the hormone levels are still high? I'll have to go back tomorrow for a blood test just to make sure that there isn't a pregnancy and then refer me to the clinic for further investigation. To be honest wih you I don't keep my hopes up.
Have you heard about similar stories?
Do you know how long it takes until the clinic calls you to go for further tests?

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  • Hi all,

    CBD's are famous for making pg ladies worry as they don't always give the result that is expected. it's because it works on an average.


  • Hi hun rainbow is right. The CBD is not accurate and also you may have ovulated later than you thought.
    As for the brown discharge, im sure you know yourself that as long as its not red ie. fresh blood and/or your having cramps that its nothing to worry about.
    Try to stay calm and talk to your doctor. Maybe do another test in the pharmacy in a couple of days.
    I really pray this bean is sticky for you. Good luck xxx
  • Thank you for your replies ladies.
    The doctor asked me to have a blood test and I'm going for one on Tuesday. Also he referred me for an early scan but I'll have to wait for them to call me. Hopefully it won't take to long until they do so.

    Fingers crossed it will be a sticky one....
    If on the other hand not I'll stay calm and try for the next sticky one as soon as I can.
  • I know it's scary, but everything could be just fine. My MC last year started with brown discharge that progressed to bleeding and I MC'd at 8 weeks. so this time round when I got brown discharge which lasted 3.5 weeks with a bleed in the middle I was terrifiied it was all happening again, but I'm now 38weeks!! fingers crossed it's the same for you, and it's just from implantation.
  • so sorry to hear this Anthi. afraid I don't know about recurrent MC investigations as only had one. if they don't talk to you when you get your blood results maybe book and appt with your GP next week to start ball rolling? think these things happen faster if you keep pushing them to refer you.
  • Im sorry to read your update huni image its awful to go through this once, let alone for a 3rd time.. I hope you manage to pull through with lots of support. im not sure about recurrent as had one miscarriage. just keep asking lots of questions and pushing for answers.
  • I am sorry to read this sweetie! I think I will be joining you tomorrow. Hope further tests are useful. xx
  • Thank you so much ladies for your replies.

    Well I went back to the hospital today for a blood test and the result is that the HCG levels have....tripled!!!
    I couldn't realy believe it! The doctor said that the pregnancy couldn't be seen on the scan because it is too early and she booked me in for another one next Tuesday. She also said that it's very early days and the risk of a miscarriage is still there.
    I asked if I should stay in bed but she said that by doing that I won't realy prevent a mc...if it is to heppen it will happeb even if I stay in bed.
    Hopefully it will be a sticky little fighter!
  • wow tripled is great = hope it is a sticky one for you
  • wow what an emotional rollercoster you're on. have everything crossed for you that this one is sticky
  • Tripled is fab hun, so pleased to read your update image
    Keeping my fingers and toes crossed xx
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