Don't know whether to have an early scan

Had mc in November and I am now 6+4. My 12 week scan is not for another 6 weeks which seems like such a long time away. My mw said that they don't like early scans unless they are medically necessary as you can have one say, at 8 weeks with everything looking great only for something to happen between then and the 12 weeks scan.

I can totally understand this and to see a heartbeat would kill me if I later found that something had happened at the 12 week point. However, if it is going to happen, a scan won't stop it. Will it give me the reassurance I am looking for or will it make me even more worried?

Also, hubbie and I haven't told any friends or family yet but I really don't know if I can wait another 6 weeks!!! Has anyone else not told anyone?

This is starting to drive me insane....................:roll:


  • It's a tough one. I had scan at 7+2 and saw heartbeat and then a week later it was gone. It did make it really hard having seen the heartbeat.

    But then this time I am still have early scans as I would hate to get to 12 weeks and find baby had stopped growing ages earlier, or never developed at all. I'd feel awful knowing I had been walking around for that long hoping everything's fine.

    My scans have reassured me 'a bit' Not loads as about 10 mins after them I start worrying again, but at least I know there is def a developing baby and not a blighted ovum, ectopic etc. And when I start to freak out about lack of symptoms I remind myself that we have seen a baby and no symptoms don't mean anything.

    Loads of people know I'm pg. With my last pg we didn't tell anyone until I was about to mc as it was so awful and dragged out I couldn't put on a brave face. So this time as everyone knew we were ttc anyway we thought we might as well tell them. That way if it goes wrong again we will have their support.

    Good luck deciding what to do.
  • I was just having the same conversation with my other half. I'm 6 weeks pregnant and I had a missed miscarriage this time last year at 8 weeks; we only found out because we booked an early scan privately as it was my first pregnancy and we were so excited. I didn't tell anyone last time other than close friends and my parents and this time we've only told our parents again just in case.

    My other half really wants me to have an early scan although our local hospital do not give early scans unless it's an emergency. I am too scared to have an early scan in case we get our hopes up and something happens afterwards. I just wish I could hybernate for another 6 weeks because I am constantly paranoid.

    It's also driving me insane!! x x
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