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i am gonna be the size of a house!

i am putting on weight at an alarming rate - 3 pounds this week alone! This makes me think i am nearer 13 weeks than 11, having a scan next week so should know more then.... I have grown out of all my clothes already - please tell me this is normal!!!


  • Hi jenn
    Well i did the same but cant tell you if this kinda weight is normal as when i fell preggers it triggered my thryoid and it became underactive and i put on 5stone during my pregnancy,went to 17st.

    I dont mean to scare you but there is a bit on the sight for normal weight gain,or you could be as you say nearer 13wks instead of 11.
  • Hi Jen. I really wouldn't worry too much about your weight, every one is different and can put the weight on at different stages of pregnancy, and lose it again. During my first I ate like a pig and put on way too much but two bouts of illness got rid of most of it. This time round I have been sensible but Xmas sort of got in the way and I did put plenty on, but I've lost it again through illness and I am less than a stone and a half up at 32 weeks. As long as you are healthy and the baby is growing, your weight is of less significance.

    When is your scan? Do come back and let us know how you get on!
  • Hi jenn,
    Everyone is different as is every pregnancy.
    Its normal to put on lots and normal not to.
    When you have your next mw appointment she will check for glucose in your urine and if thats fine you can relax and not worry.
    Enjoy you pregnancy, and eat when you want, just try to eat healthily.
    I put on 5 stone during my first. 4 in my 2nd and nearly 2 in my last, and by 10 weeks looked like I was over halfway there already with pregnancy 2.
    You never know, you could be carrying 2!!!
    Take care and lets us know how you're doing.
  • Hiya!
    At 7 weeks pregnant I had put on about 6lb and was wearing maternity trousers! I gained 3 stone during my pregnancy and everyone told me that I was eating too much and that I was never going to lose the weight. I lost 2.5 stone during the birth! My baby, placenta and water made up the majority of the weight I gained. I was imense, measured 48 weeks by the time I was 40 weeks. I had a big baby, 11lb 12oz but as people keep saying, each pregnancy is different. Don't worry about weight, just enjoy being pregnant!
  • Thanks for the reassurance guys. Lucyanne, it's funny you should mention twins as my husband is convinced we are having them - I don't mind either way but it would be a bit of a shock.... find out on thursday!!! v. excited
  • Let us no how you get on.

  • Ohh Good luck with the scan!
    And really don't worry about the weight your putting on, i've varied with each of my pregnancies as wellas at each stage of pregnancy.
    Let us know how you get the scan goes and how many you're having!!!! xxxx
  • Don't worry about the weight gain, i put about 3stone on in my pregnancy but it soon came off.
    Hope the scan goes well and like Tasha said let us know how many you are having!
  • Hi,

    Like the others have said don't worry too much about your weight gain during pregnancy. Especially if you are having twins. Let us know when you've had your scan we'd all love to know.

    Take care of yourself.

    Zoe xx
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