Far from hospital?

approx 15-20 mins

but im having a home birth this time


  • Hi - I'm lucky in some ways, walking distance, about 10 minutes or so, 15 at the moment as I can't walk fast or far being less than 4 weeks away from DD. However, there is NO parking whatsoever, although you are allowed to drive to the maternity ward, abandon the car until you get checked in, but then you loose hubbie / partner while they go and move the car, so not much point really. It feels too close for an ambulance or taxi, being less than a mile, but too far to walk or really get the bus in labour. So I am not sure how I shall be travelling. I shall have to ask what is the best way when I go again on Weds.
  • About 25-30 minutes drive although Owen wants to drive me across the border into Wales (from Leicestershire) once I go into labour so that Lion can legitimately play for the Welsh rugby team (even if Lion is a girl apparently!).

    He has some funny ideas, bless him.
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