my 1st bump pic at 21 weeks

here's my 1st ever bump photo taken today at 21 weeks and 2 days. well 1st pic in this pregnancy of course.
excuse the srtetch marks etc.


  • Wow, what a cutsie little bump!!!

    I never looked like that! I went straight for the eaten a beach ball look!!!
  • What a lovely little bump.

    Wish i had a picture of me pregnant with Jessica!
  • aw you not even got one pic at all? when i just re looked at the pic, i think i'm carring like i did with charlie. i keep thinking this babys a boy. god i wish hubby would let me have a private scan.
  • Aww Simone, that's sad!! I have got loads of pics, my fiance has spent most of my pregnancy out of the country so I had to send him weekly update pics! Got them all on my laptop!!! I love looking at them but they make me wince!!!
  • One of my clients might have one from her 90th birthday. i think her son took a sneeky side shot, might see if i can pinch it.
  • What a neat little bump you have Kristy.

    Hope all is going well for you.

    Zoe xx
  • lovely bump kristy, I haven't got any of any of my bumps which I think is sad now!! I bet you look fab. I miss my bumps!! I've just got nice baby belly now instead!!!
  • Kristy that is a neat bump, i was the same with Hollie. I wasnt much bigger than you are now when i was 9 months with her. Hardly anyone knew i was pregnant.

    I dont have any pics of my bump either, i wish i did though.
  • Kirsty - thats a fab bump!!!!

    So petite!!! x
  • Ahh thats a lovely lil bump you got.

    The friend i was on about a few weeks ago is 12 weeks(not with our fried for def)shes not yet with the dad it was a one night thing but think they might give it a try,bless she has been in hospital twice with server morning sickness,told her today that hopefuly it should subside i a few more weeks.
    She had an early scan as she was so ill hense she knew just how far gone she was so early on,they told her its a big baby already and she v.tiny,kinda like you kristy.
  • aw bless her, hope the sickness leaves her soon. my morning sickness was nothing compared to some womens and i know how poo it made me feel so she must be feeling really poo.
  • I was a v.lucky one,felt sick till id eaten but was neve sick.
  • I was very very lucky and never had any sickness!

    I felt sick once and that was due to a parsnip so I avoided them all pregnancy!!
  • Sorry but caroline just noticed your tikker,only another week till you meet gillan.
  • I know!! Lucky gillan, eh???

    I can't wait!!!!
  • I have no idea Katie!! Ask me next weekend!!! I am meeting tasha and her family and kas and her family on Easter Sunday.
  • i have said on the other forum ,

    but its a lovely bump u have

  • Ahh Kristy
    Thats a lovely bump!! and the pictures a real keepsake of your pregnancy
    How are you feeling?? x x x
  • feel lots better tbh. the kids have had slapped cheek and have been ill, never knew til now but there's a chance i could of had, so may be thats why i was so so tired? had some blood tests today. my mates just ahd it to! what a life eh lol
  • Oh hun do hope you and kids are ok now,our neighbour downstairs,bothe her girls have chicken pox and she never bothered to tell anyone,i only found out by her aunt who is a good friend.
    Riley has had them but not the point realy.
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