Finally I got on here!

Hi Minxy and welcome to PP!! congratulations on your pregnancy, how are you doing. if you click on one of our tickers it will take you through to the website to do one. Look forward to chatting soon, oh im Nicola by the way!


  • Hi Minxy

    Im Emma mum to 3yr old riley.
    Congrats on you pregnancy.
    Look forward to chatting sometime.

  • beautiful pics Minxy! You are doing better than me, I can't work out how to get pics on the tickers!!!
  • Hi Minxy

    You managed your tikker then,love the pics.
    Their aint much in the time gap,rileys 8th dec whens your jimmers
  • Hiya Minxy

    Welcome to PP!!!!!
    Huge congrats on your pregnancy.

    Lokk forward to chatting soon xx
  • Hiya Minxy

    Welcome to PP!!!!!
    Huge congrats on your pregnancy.

    Look forward to chatting soon xx
  • Dawn you ok,you posted that twice somehow.
  • Hi Minxy,

    I'm Zoe mum to Jack and Charlotte.

    Well done for doing the ticker's so quickly and with the photo's too.

    What dog have you got? As well as the two kids I have two dogs, an 11 year old mongrel bitch and a 3 year old English Springer bitch, it can be quite hectic here some days!!

    Hope to chat to you soon.

    Zoe xx
  • Emma - yep i'm ok, no idea why it posted twice. I haven't been on the wine(honest)!!!!! lol
  • Hi Minxy,

    I'm Sarah - also from Kent - where abouts are you from?

    Me and my hubby at ttc#1 - this website is fab for a chat or a grumble and the girls are fab!!

    Look forward to chatting soon
  • Hi Minxy,

    I am Pauline and mum to Bethany age'd 9 and Rowen age'd 6, ttc number 3.

    Lovely photos.

    The girls here are very friendly and is a great place for advice and sharing tips.
  • Hi Minxy,

    I'm Karen, mami to Hollie. Welcome to PP, i look forward to chatting to you when you get a chance.
    Congratulations on your pregnancy and good luck for your 12 week scan.

  • hi minxy

    im claire
    my son is robert 2 and half, and im 16 weeks preg with my second

    How are u feeling so far? much morningsickness>??

  • hi minxy
    welcome to pp, and congrats on your pregnancy!! your photos are gorgeous.

    im kas and mummy to niamh and tara.
    good luck with the scan next week
    look forward to chatting soon and hope you are feeling well.
    kas xx
  • Hi Minxy
    Welcome to pp, sorry its a bit late!
    My name is Simone and i am mum to Jessica

    Congratulations on your pregnancy, hope you are feeling ok.

    Love the tiker pictures your children are lovely.

    Hope to chat soon xx
  • Hi Minxy
    Welcome to PP, I am mummy to Bronwyn who is 6 months old and also about 6 weeks pregnant with surprise "smurf".

    PP is very addictive, look forwward to chatting to you soon!!
  • Hi Minxy,

    I'm in Orpington - so not that far

    Yeah its our last big holiday - well thats the plan before kids come along I'm so excited - lol

    Your kids are very cute - Did you get those photos professionally done? Jimmys photo in the box is mega sweet.
  • Hi Minxy sorry for late reply, thought i already had lol!!!
    I too love your ticker pictures, you're children are lovely!! Oh i'm Tasha by the way!! x x x
  • Awww they are lovely photos - Will you have some more done when the baby comes?

    I can't wait for my holiday - i'm like a kid at christmas lol
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