12 week scan

Ohh cant wait,glad all is well.


  • Glad everything is well
  • Awww im glad everything went well for u

    Why wont they change ur due date? cause robert was 57cms at birth! so was VERY long!
    an yet they changed mine, mind u it was only 2 days but still,

    Cant wait to see the scan pic

  • i don't know how long mine were at birth
  • I am pleased that your scan showed everything was OK Minxy! I can't wait for mine!!!

    I always measured big for my dates!! According to the scan the morning before Bronwyn was born I was more than 45 weeks pregnant (i was actually 40+1), the same happened at my 20 week scan. She measured 24 weeks. They did comment on my dates but as we knew precisely the day and time of conception, Gareth had just come home from 3 months in Iraq, they just assumed that Bronwyn was going to be big! Very correct assumption!!!
  • Glad the scan went well xx
  • Glad all went well with the scan. Hope you are feeling ok.

    Zoe xx
  • Hi Minxy,

    Glad the scan went well.
    Take care.
  • Hi Minxy,

    Glad the scan went well!

    Can't wait to see the picture
  • That's great it all went well
    Can't wait to see the piccie!!! x x x
  • Glad your scan went well. Would love to see a picture.

    My dates were 6 days out too, and we also knew when we conceived as i had come home from uni. But they left it as it was less than a week, strange though as onky a day different from a week.
  • Hi Minxy. Ignore what they say about dates, they can be wrong. They questioned mine with my first all the way through, saying I must have got mine wrong (you don't forget hubbie coming back from a holiday he took without you just as midnight chimes on New Year's Eve with some gorgeous La Perla underwear that one then bleeds in as one has just come on...!) as baby was small for dates. He was allegedly due up to three weeks after my given due date according to the scans. He then turned up six weeks EARLY. As long as baby is growing well and both of you are healthy, forget dates, some things just don't go to plan.
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