on the subject of bumps


Tought i'd show you mine... this is me the day before i had jd


  • thats impressive
  • great bump sarah. I hate having my pic taken at the best of times, don't think theres any of me and my bumps!! I felt huge last year, waddling around struggling with Tate. Its hardwork with a toddler in tow and in the summer. Next time I will leave a bigger gap!! Thats if I have another.
  • Thats alright then,not a beach whale like i was.LOL
  • I miss it so much..... just looking at that pic and thinking i had no idea what i was going to go thro to get him out!!! I def want to do it all again its not put me off
  • Sarah that was a fab bump!!

    But JD is more gorgous
  • Ah thanks sarah i think so! i could barely move at that point so don't miss being that big but can't wait for baby number 2!!
  • Wow, that was a good size bump!
  • Wow thats a nice bump. I dont have any pics of my bump, i'm a bit gutted really. Next one i will have to take some pics.
  • I took a pic of my bump from 3 months on every month. Its great to see how i grew over the months, so happy i did it cos i have def forgotten how big i was. Would recommend everyone does it as a nice keepsake
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