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12 week scan... at 14+2!!!

Hi ladies,
Just back from my dating scan at 14+2.
I had a private NT scan at 12+1 but what a difference today! The baby seemed huge and we could see so much more definition to it's face and limbs!
Bubs is soooo cute and we are so happy.
I'm really beginning to enjoy this pregnancy now!
Hope you all are too.


  • Mrs dAO, I can't believe you had your 12 weeks scan at 14 weeks!!! However not long until your half way scan which will be amazing. I am so pleased everything is OK and you great to hear you enjoying pregnancy! So pleased for you. xx
  • Thanks lovely ladies.

    Rach - keep those feet up now!!! Don't even lift a finger!

    Sang - hey hon. How are you doing?? When are you coming to say hello in DIO? I have just started to post there - I was too scared before!
    How are you doing?
  • Whoop whoop!! So pleased to hear all is well.....just you wait for the 20 wk scan - we saw little feet, parts of the brain, ventricles in the heart and everything....TOTALLY AMAZING!!!!!!!
  • Brilliant! So pleased you are enjoying the pregnancy I think the scan just seems like the biggest hurdle in the world! xx how exciting xx
  • That is fantastic news hun im so pleased for you.

    Any pics to share??? I love looking at scan pics xx
  • I'll try to get one up - will have ot find out how first!
  • Congrats....thats fantastic news!!!!

  • Thats fab news MrsD so pleased for you!! I really hope that you are starting to be able to enjoy your pregnancy now. You have been through such a journey that you deserve to be able to enjoy it now!!!.

    Take care hun and looking forward to seeing some scan & then bump pics!!

    Love evie xxx
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