Had my Anethetist appt today!!!!!

Hi Ladies & Bumps hope everyone is well?

I had my anethetist appointment today as they had problems Intubating me when I had Laparoscopy due to Arthritis in my neck, and as it looks lke a C Section is on the cards for me I had to have an assessment she was really nice and explained everything to me thouroughly I coudn't have epidural for Laparoscopy due to arthritis in my back and psoriasis on my back the anethetist at the time wasn't happy doing it however the lovely lady i saw today said if i can get the psoriasis clearer on my spine she would be happy to try an epidural as plan A, Plan B if epidural doesn't work is a general but i have to stay awake until they have got the tube into my throat then they'll knock me out so kind of hoping plan A works. she said these would be the plans for elective C Section if i go into labour first then it could be straight to general anestetic so will have to wait and see.....so all went well really.
I've got another scan on Friday this week 28wk growth scan, they are alos going to check my little mans foot and kidney again seeing obstetrician straight after scan so should know if it will be C Section for definate then I don't really mind how they get him out as long as they get him out safely. i had a panic on subday night thought I was going into labour turns out I've
started having BraxtonHicks so hoping I don't go early like my sis did fingers crossed......
well will update on friday.

Love Sianni & Bump
28wks + 1dy



  • Oh hon, that must be scary but at least you've got a positive attitude and have had the opportunity to talk things through. Just knowing the right info and being informed helps doesn't it.

    I can't believe you have already started having Braxton Hicks... that must be a bit frightening. How early did you sis have her baby?

    Some ladies in my due in sep forum have starting packing hosp bags! i was shocked, ive just been buying cute outfits, but have no pram, or nursery furniture let alone thought about what nightie i might wear!

    Hope Fridays scan goes well for you,

    gem x

  • Hi Gem
    my sis had hers one at 31wks, one at 34wks and the last at 30wks so I'll be packing my bag just in case in the next couple of weeks we have only got pram so far and some clothes, bath, nappies/toiletries etc so hoping I last longer than she did lol.......and we're having a new kitchen fitted at the moment so the house is trashed Its under about an inch of dust with my kitchen contents in the living room so I'm hoping and praying that it's finished very very soon as it's doing my head in now and we've still got nursery, back bedroom and bathroom to do before bubs comes talk about cutting it fine grrrrr
    hope you are well?
    Love Sianni & Bump
  • Hi Hun

    Gosh what alot to take in!! Glad that the lady agreed to the epidural if the psoriasis clears up.

    So friday will decide if it's csec for sure, like gem says it's good that you've had the opportunity to talk it all through.

    Braxton Hicks at 28wks blimey that would scare me too!!!

    All the best for Friday hun, let us know how it goes.

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