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Hello to everyone in Pre-schoolers

Hi everyone, Lo (well not so little anymore I suppose lol) will be 3 at the end of this week, so I think its time we graduated from Toddler! It seems very quiet on BE nowadays, but I hope that it will get busier.

I am Rhian, mum to Daniel, who will be 3 in a few days time. I work Mon to Wed each week, and enjoy him all to myself at the end of the week before Daddy is home at the weekends. Daniel is going through a whinging and no phase at the moment, quite contrary at times! And also getting up out of bed and coming to us in the night, so I am a little tired! He is a lovely little boy though, really gentle and sweet with a fabulous sense of humour and a penchant for Alicia Keys and Lady Gaga songs!

Looking forward to chatting with you all. x


  • Hi Rhian, I'm Claire, 35, married for 10 1/2 years and have a boy Shea, who was 3 last September.

    I still hang around toddler a lot as pre-schooler tends to be quite quiet but like you said, BE seems to be quiet a lot now!!!

    I work Mon pms and Thurs am's, plus full days Tues, wed and fri.

    Shea too is also a very gentle and loving boy but he's ignoring his mummy at the moment and not doing as I say and I am in the process of cracking down on his manners!! He's good at saying please and thank you but its the "get me this mum.....please" I want to change to "Mum, please could you get me, or may I have" instead of the GET ME IT WOMAN attitude I have now!! :lol:

    speak to you soon

  • Hi

    Im Tracey mum to Jack who was 3 in Dec.

    I live in Yorkshire with my partner of 7 years.

    i work 3 days a week and Jack goes to nursery 2 full days and loves it he started going at 9 months old and has just moved into pre School room this week.

    Jack is a good boy most of the time but does have huge paddys over the silliest of things! He loves Ne-Ye and Usher like Mummy!

    I still go on Toddler as this seems to be slightly busier.

    Speak soon xxx image
  • Hi Claire,

    Sorry, I should have said - I used to be Rhian2 before the changes to BE! We've chatted before on Toddler. I love Shea's attitude! Daniel thinks that if he says please he can have anything, an how it is a "Please can we have green ballooon club purrrrleeeeease?" ALL the time! He is really excited about his borthday though, and I think he expects the Thomas decorations which I ahve bought to stay up all year round! It seemed to be thatw e went straight from fireworks, to Halloween (I love Halloween, and always decorate the house in cobwebs, spiders and pumpkins and things like that) to Christmas decorations, so I can sort of see where he's coming from.

    Hi Tracey,

    Hope Jack's transition to pre-school has gone well. I still go on Toddler too, but I hope this forum will pick up as so many of us seem to have pre-school age children.

  • Hi Rhian, I did think it was you!! Shea is the same as Daniel, he'd have decorations up all year round if he had his way, he didn't half get upset when we took xmas decs down!! I often buy cheap balloons and blow up for shea just to have a mess around with, although now he just stands on them and burts them without any fear what so ever!!!

    Roll on easter and we can get some bunny decs and do a easter egg hunt.........
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