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Pre school living in scotland and am wondering how  i go about getting my daughter into pre-school?She will be three in Feb.Do i just contact the pre-school itself to arrange placement?or do i have to go through the council?any help would be really appreciated!!xxximage


  • Assuming it's the same as in England,give the preschool a call.They may have a waiting list,they'll be able to tell you.Don't know again if it's different in Scotland,but the preschool deal with funded places too,I've never hadto do any of that either.

    Hope that helpsimage

  • Thanks i will give that a try anyway!!imagexxx

  • we are in scotland.  all you have to do is go to the nursery that you want to place your child at and ask for an application form to fill in.  get it in as quick as you can though.  they usually start them the term after their third birthday so your wee one wont start till easter (just if its council run i think but you can check up on that too).  

    we are in Fife and our form asked for three places in order of prefernce-again not sure if thats true of all councils in scotland. and once it was filled in we just handed it in to our first choice nursery.  they will let you know if you have been given a place and whether they have any induction sessions or such like.   the nursery i applied too was very helpful and will tell you what you need to know!  Good Luck!  image

  • Thanks i will let u know how i get on!!imageimage

  • hi,

    i went to a few pre-school to visit before i fill in the forms. apply only you feel confortable with them.

    dun make a rush decision. have a look around. bring ur child too.

    my son had just start his pre-school.t he had just turn 2. so i'm paying using my own money.

    the pre-school i went, for the first 2 times, i stayed with him till the end. cos he wont settle. my 3rd time, i stay for 30 mins before i went off and come back after 1 hour. it will take some times for the child to get settle.

    remember to bring some clothes along! just in case of little accident. some pre-school, have outdoor areas for them to play.

    hope these will help.

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