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Taking my son to nursery

I'm finding it so hard to leave my son at school he's 2years and a very loud and bubbly boy. Not shy of the line light at all, started school 2weeks ago and everything has gone wrong. He screams when I'm gone th second day of school he didn't stop for 2 hours I had to come and pick him up !! 

I now take him at 8am and leave him for 20-30mins and increase this everyday. But still no improvements going on to the third week now and I'm stick with what els I can do for him, as when Im there he has so much fun and interacts not bothered that I'm there but when he notices that I'm not he goes in to a panic switch!! 

Stuck x


  • for my dd's personality yes it was CIO. there were compassionate adults but she did not want them. she wanted her mommy or daddy. this was 
    kids nursery and we did not have a choice.

    what was hard was after 2 years of this she stopped crying. but then she told me just coz i dont cry mom doesnt mean i'm not sad. i am always sad but sometimes i can divert my mind and be happy at times crap.gif thankfully after 2 years she went part time. but she still did not want to go. my stubborn child.  

    however having said that not all children are the same right? some were just criers at the momentary separation. i worked for that ps/dc for a while and discovered some kids cried but the moment the parents disappeared they happily went off to play. and then they did not want to go home :eyesroll

    some kids need a little pushing. dd's friend was that way. the mom KNEW he would love that ps IF he could separate. so she brought him crying. all it took was the first week. after that he would cry if she kept him home on a ps day.

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  • OHH my god its a big problem of every kid. Even my wife is also very worried because of my sons behaviors.

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