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3 and a half year old night wakings


I’ll start by saying, my 3 and a half year old has ALWAYS slept through. Even the first night in the hospital she slept. In the last two weeks, we have moved her (stayed in her same bedroom) from a toddler bed to a single bed and taken the baby gate off her door so she can go to the toilet and come to us if she’s had a nightmare etc. 

The last 3-4 nights she has come into us at 4am, 5:30 etc demanding a hug. Now of course I want to comfort her but that is not why she is doing it. She has never needed comforting in the night, only ever when she’s had a bad dream or been poorly. The main fall out of these new wakings is that as soon as you tell her to get back into bed she bursts into tears, screaming “I don’t want to” and wakes her 1 year old brother up who is still in our room (Covid has delayed us sorting his room). He’s very much 60/40 at (not) sleeping through so if I’m not up with him first, she comes in and starts the process off for me! 

Has anyone else gone through a similar thing? We wanted her to feel grown up with her big girl bed and no gate, but all it’s done is change her routine. 
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