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Wondernanny is calling this evening!*update*

I know it would make more sense to just post after she calls but I'm too excited and impatient, LOL.

I'll update after she calls, eeeeeeek.

Liz x

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  • How did you get on?
  • it was promising!
    Fri night was just an initial call to make sure that she can help us. She''l call again for the proper set-up phonecall on Tues morn while Spencer at nursery.
    She'll then help to implement some "coping techniques" and call us everyday to find out how we're getting on. The counselling lasts for a week and in that time she expects to see improvement if we stick to her guidelines.

    I'll let you know how it goes x
  • Hi there, she called me last night too!!! I was speechless when she introduced herself!!

    She's decided she wants to work with us too over Shea's fussy eating habits and we have our 2 hour call this Friday!!

    I can't wait and hopefully she'll be able to help shea start eating fruit and veg again!!

    will post also in toddler with updates xx
  • We had our 2 hr call yesterday, it was intensive! Really felt like I'd had a conselling session when it was over.
    Given a set of guidelines re discipline and when its appropriate to use which type. It's hard but I know it'll be worth it.

    Good luck for Fri x
  • Just wanted to wish you luck with wondernanny, I know it'll be hard work but hopefully it'll be worth it. Please keep us updated with how you get on won't you? And you too Claire.

  • We've now completely finished with Wondernanny.
    I can honestly say it was a great experience. Spencer isn't an angel, and I don't think he ever will be, but his behaviour has improved and me and hubby can deal with him much better.
    We're possibly due a move in Jan (hubby RAF and we want to be posted) and then hubby going away for 4 mths next year, so I know Spencer's behaviour will take a step backwards but I feel better armed to deal with it. Plus, you get to keep Gitte's phone number so I may will be calling her again in 6 mths!

    Liz & Spencer x
  • Aw fantastic news hun, glad it went so
  • i think we could do with wondernanny :lol: my ds is 4 and has been having some horrendous tantrums :roll: my friend told me its a hormone surge they get when their 4 but his behavior has been horrendous this last few weeks and he is also having a disturbed sleepevery night because of his massivly over active imagination glad your experience with her was good i might be contacting her :lol:
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