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Are you city, town or country?

What type of environment do you live in? Do you make the most of it with your LO?

We live on the edge of a small town/large village (depends who you ask!) but we're right on the cusp of Wendover Woods. From our kitchen window we have seen deer, barn owls, wild rabbits, foxes and pheasants.
Having a 7mth old in a buggy makes it quite hard to explore the woods but today we went blackberry picking. Spence loved it!

What things do you do with your LO?

Liz x


  • sounds lovely!
    we live in a village, you can see the open fields from our upstairs windows and you only have to walk 100 meters to be out in open country side. i love where we live as it soo safe for the kids to play. we have the big playing field at the end of our road and the park just across the road. phoebe goes to the village school and freya is starting at the pre school in sept. we have another big park down the other side of the village and there is a swimming pool and tennis courts there to so its lovely to have that in easy walking distance, the only thing that we are missing is a shop but we are only about 2 miles from a small town and about 3 from quite a big one so its not that bad.
    i think that we are lucky that our children are growing up in such lovely places. xx
  • Hiya, it sounds amazing where you live!

    I live in a village so surrounded by green fields, and parts of it are quite quaint, but some parts are more built up (a lot of land being snatched up and developed on sadly). There is a little playground 5 mins up the road, which also has a huge field, so I like to walk up there with the girls and let them run off a bit of energy (we don't have a garden at the mo).

    I joke that my house is only 5 mins away from everything lol- my mum, grandma, 2 uncles and their families live within 5 mins walk of me, I have a lovely independent shop 5 mins away, plus it's only 10 mins walk to playgroup, the infants school, the doctor's and chemists :lol: oh and the park of course!

    My girls love animals and are always looking for birds and insects when we're out and about.

  • Lea, I'm jealous that you have your family so close. My parents are 2.5hrs down the M5 and in-laws are 3.5hrs (4.5hrs in summer) way down in Devon.
    I'd love to have some support from family, not to mention the free baby-sitting! A lot of the time it is just me and the boys, and we don't have much spare money, so finding interesting and kooky things to do is a priority.

    Liz x
  • Aw Liz, it must be hard being so far away from your family, sometimes you just need that bit of support. We're very lucky as we have all my family in the same village, then my OH's family are only a 10 min drive away. I'm a bit of a homebody lol, I just had to come back here when I finished uni.

    What kinds of things do you find to do with your LOs? My two love treasure hunts and I've been thinking of doing an outdoor version where they have to find different landmarks/bugs/trees etc.

  • live in the city due to hubby's job but not so busy as we live in a really quiet family orientated area so try n do a lot wit the kids.
    really jealous of u guys, family days out r priority 2 us.
  • we live in a small village within quite a big town with good transport to bigger cities, only 10 mins drive to Liverpool, 20 mins to Chester so loads to do. We've got an urban farm 5 mns drive up the road which we love and loads of sights nearby too, beaches, 2 lighthouses, marine lakes,a windmill and an old observatory, nature reserves, fairground, zoo and loads more, I love where I live and I too came back here after uni. I'm lucky too I have my family really close, walking distance or short drives which is lovely.

  • we live on the edge of a small town, on the edge of the lake distrct image
    We're 20 mins walk down the lanes to the beach, and 20 mins drive from lake windermere.
    I love it here! Just up the road is a large playing field and park, and the local school, just 10 mins walk and you're in the centre of town, a short drive and you've got the mountains - its almost perfect! We see lots of different things, the kids love going for walks - they see rabbits, and we pick berries and nuts - Ollie is quite adept at spotting hazelnuts andblackberries now :lol:

    coming from a large town in Greater Manchester I really really appreciate all the openness here, and the fact that its still small enough for people to know what you're doing before you do :lol: but that its still relatively safe - although we have just had a post lady attacked in broad daylight and the kids are starting to get unruly - but nothing like where I used to live.

    I loe the fact that I can get in the car and be in the heart of the lakes to see my friends (used to live in Ambleside too)

    It only has one downside.....

    Too much flipping rain! :lol: But its not nicknamed the rain district for nothing, and the lakes have to get topped up.
    Seriously though, my one bug bear is that all my family are so far away (Lancaster and Manchester) and that the nearest big shops other than supermarkets are in lancaster /preston - we do get some high street shops in the next town (10miles away) but its mainly little farm shops and boutiques for the tourists image

  • Pixie Woo we used to live very near Wendover woods - my NCT group used to meet there for walks! When N was 10 months we moved back to Devon which is where we are both from, we live a 2 min walk from the beach and a 5min drive from a common. We love the beach and spuddling around in wellies, hats and scarves is a good way to wear a toddler out! I love living in a small town because of the sense of community but I know that when my children are older they are very likely to want to move away as both of my husband and I did.

  • Pixie-Woo,

    Im originally from Tring! spent alot of my childhood at wendover woods! lol xx now in a town tho! x
  • I live in a village in Norfolk. We are about 6 miles away from Great Yarmouth (lovely tacky seaside resort) and about 20miles away from Norwich.

    we live in a family orientated private housing estate on the edge of the Norfolk country side and surrounded by the norfolk broads.

    I consider myself very lucky to live where I am. My drive to work I encounter fox, deer, all manor of birds and horses. We also have so much to do with kids around here from the wonderful world of Great Yarmouth seafront, amusements, sealife centre, pleasure beach plus miles and miles of golden sands which are just as good in the winter as summer to the boating day on the broads, or walking through the country side and woodland walks, widlife parks, conservation centres, horse and donkey sanctuaries I could go on for hours!!!

    The only downside is the town centre of Great Yarmouth itself which is quite deprived with high rate of unemployment and high rate of heroin addiction!!! But I combat that by NEVER going there!!! I shop locally and then if I want a shopping spree I go to the lovely city of Norwich

    Claire xx
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