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Braun ThermoScan 7 with Age Precision ear thermometer product test: the feedback thread


This is the feedback thread for those of you who are testing the Braun ThermoScan 7 with Age Precision ear thermometer for us as part of our latest MadeForMums product test.

You should all have received your thermometers by now and have had a chance to test them out.

So, please can you now give us your feedback on this thread by answering the following 4 questions:

1. How did you find the packaging and instructions?

2. Did you find the thermometer easy to use? What did you especially like or dislike about this thermometer?

3. Would you recommend this product to a friend or relative? If so, why?

4. Anything else you'd like to mention?

Everyone who leaves quality feedback on this thread (and is part of our product test) will be put into a draw (with those who leave quality feedback on the other Braun thermometer product test) to win a £100 Amazon voucher.

Thank you so much - and good luck!


  • Hi,

    Thanks ever so much for giving me the opportunity to test this product for you.

    1. The packaging was very good, well packed and displayed well.  The instructions were very clear and easy to understand.  I like how it came with batteries already installed so I could use the product straight away.

    2. I found the thermometer very easy to use and my daughter didn't flinch when the thermometer was placed in her ear.  As the thermometer only takes seconds to record the temperature it is a quick process and doesn't cause any stress to my daughter.  I like the fact you can set the age of your child on it and therefore makes you aware if there temperature is normal or high due to their age.  I have used the product several times and haven't come across anything that I dislike about it.

    3.  I would definitely recommend this product to family and friends.  I think it is worth it's rrp price.  You can tell from the packaging and the actual product that it is well made and very sturdy.  This is a thermometer that can be used on all the family.  Before I was sent this product I had one that had to be placed under the arm and as my daughter is 6 months old this was a struggle.  She didn't like it going under her arm and wriggled alot and it also took quite a while to register the temperature, therefore causing additional stress to my daughter.

    4.  The ear thermometer comes with plastic ear pieces in order to make the thermometer hygienic which I think is great when going in several ears.  I have priced these up online and they are very cheap. I have found them for £2.45 for 40.  This is a small cost to pay to be able to get an accurate reading when my daughter is poorly.

    I am very pleased with the item and want to say a big thank you for giving me piece of mind in getting an accurate temperature.

    Angela x

  • Thank you very much for sending me the Braun ThermoScan thermometer. It's a great product and I'm very happy with it!

    1. The Braun ThermoScan 7 with Age Precision ear thermometer is well designed and thought out. The packing was protective but easy to remove. Lots of helpful information on the packaging. The instructions were easy to follow and understand. There is a quick start guide which gave me enough information to start straight away. The thermometer comes with a sturdy case which protects it and also is a stand for the device. The travel case can also store the box of 'replacement ear pieces' that come with the thermometer.

    2.I tested the thermometer on my 22month old son. Placing it in his ear was very easy . You just place it gently over the earhole, and press a button. It even tells you when it's not in correctly in. My son refuses to have his temperature taken with a normal “under the arm” thermometer, but didn't even flinch when I put the Braun thermometer in his ear. I took 4 readings in quick succession and they were all exactly the same. Therefore, I'm confident it works accurately.The thermometer will store the last 9 readings. I especially like that it enables you to set the age of your child and the colour coded display shows you if temperature is normal, elevated or high. Another handly little extra is the night light, which means you can take the temperature of your child when it is asleep without having to turn on the light,

    3. I would highly recommend this product to family and friends. It's a good quality product which can be used on children and adults. The price is fair considering that this is an item that you will keep and use for many years.

    4. I read online that you can re-use the caps several times on the same person just wipe with baby wipes between uses. The thermometer comes with 20 replacement caps which should last for a while anyway, but replacement caps can be bought online for 6p a cap. 

    Thanks again for letting me test this great product.


  • I would like to thank Made for Mums for sending Braun ThermoScan 7 to me for review. 

    1. Packaging is very protective yet you can see the product right away. All information on the box are well thought of and displayed in tidy manner for quick read . 

    2. I love the product! As a user of the previous model ( Thermoscan 5) I find the design of Thermoscan 7 much better - display screen on the outside makes it really easy and quick to read results. Instructions of use are very clear and easy to follow.  The function of age input and memory makes it a really handy. I tested it on my 2 year old who doesn't like to have anything put in her ear so the speed of reading is crucial. ThermoScan 7 does an excellent job.  I took 3 readings in a space of 30 seconds and they were exactly the same which indicates great accuracy.  I liked the fact that the batteries were already inserted so you can unwrap it and use it right away. Also night time readings are hassle free thanks to screen that lights up. Protective cap easily clips on the thermometer not only to keep it safe and clean but also you can store tips in it .  

    3. Yes, I will definitely recommend Braun ThermoScan 7 to my family and friends. Its a very well made tool that no family should go without. 

    4. One thing that came to my mind on the con side is that colour coding is not much help for colour blind people. 

    The price tag of Braun ThermoScan 7 makes it a great value for money . 

  • Hi. Got my thermometer yesterday. Been testing it on my two year old little girl as she loves having her temperature checked.

    Here is my review.

    1. The packaging was great. Nice box everything neatly having a place and easy to put back in the box for storage. Easy to get everything out and check that everything was included. The instructions were easy to follow and needed minimal work to set up and get going. The diagrams were easy to understand and follow and I had the thermometer set up and working in minutes.

    2. The thermometer was very easy to use. The display is very clear and easy to read. Very easy to set age specific mode and easy to read and interpret the results. Colour coding of results is an excellent idea and quickly tells you if there is any concern. Loved how easy and clean it was to add a cap and dispose of cap after use. Great idea. Thermometer gave several very accurate readings with no change over a short time. Very easy to use and very user friendly.

    3. Would definitely recommend to friends and family. Would recommend due to the ease of use and the clear results given. Would be a weight off my mind knowing I had a good reliable temperature reading if my child was poorly and would recommend it to others for this reason. Also love the colour coding system..... I think that is a great idea.

    4. Great product with some excellent additional ideas. Love the hygienic touch of replacement caps and that they are cheap to purchase. I do find the price a little steep but now knowing how good the product is and how reliable it is I would be happy to pay the rrp.

    Thanks for the opportunity to test this product. It's been great and will get plenty of use from now on.

    Denise fardella

  • Thank you Madeformums and Braun for this great opportunity to test the Braun Thermoscan 7 with Age Precision. I have had the chance to test this for a few days now with my 3 year old, who is well at present.

    1. How did you find the packaging and instructions?

    The packaging was presented well in a bright clear box that was easy to know was Braun. The box was easy to get into to remove the thermometer. Inside there is the Braun Thermometer, a protective case and a box of ear Lens Filters. The clever case allows for the box of ear probes and thermometer to sit in therefore making this easy to store and travel with.
    The instructions were easy to use with a full guide in several languages, and a quick start guide which was easy to follow showing how to turn on the thermometer, choose the age of the person who you are taking the temperature reading from and then how to connect the ear probe and how to obtain the temperature reading from the ear using the thermometer. It also clearly states that the Thermometer can store the last 9 readings-handy if you want to observe an increase or decrease in temperature readings over a period of hours.
    Also the thermometer has a battery already installed so it is ready for use straight away!

    2. Did you find the thermometer easy to use? What did you especially like or dislike about this thermometer?

    I found this thermometer very easy to use, within seconds of this taking out of the box I was using this on my child. The thermometer is easy to grip and easy to read thanks to a large display showing the temperature, a back light making this even more clear for night time readings (Nothing worse when you trying to take a temperature reading in the dark and can't see the screen!!). I also like that it is easy to change the age by a press of a button, and also that the temperature reading is easy to read if its normal, elevated, or high.
    There is nothing that I disliked about this thermometer so far.

    3. Would you recommend this product to a friend or relative? If so, why?

    I would recommend this to everyone, especially with young children. Prior to using this thermometer i had an under the arm and a forehead thermometer which I worried weren't accurate due to the fact that it takes your temperature on your skin rather than body core temperature. This thermometer is easy to use, fits easily into my child's ear and takes a reading within seconds so no more battles trying to keep your child still! 

    4. Anything else you'd like to mention?

    I love that the ear lens filters are cheap to buy, I looked online and a box of 20 is only £2.25 online. 
    It is great that the tip is already pre-warmed ensuring that the temperature reading is accurate as other thermometers can cool down the area leading to inaccurate readings.
    I also like the color coding for normal, mild and high as not everyone knows exact ranges for a normal temperature and this saves the hassle of figuring out if this is high or not, also enables you to compare temperature reading with previous readings to know if temperature has decreased or increased.

    Thank you again! I am sure that this thermometer will last years and be of very good use in our family.

  • Thanks so much for the chance to test out the Braun Thermoscan 7 with Age Precision. My daughter started nursery not long ago and since then has picked up every bug going! I've struggled with trying to keep her still to take forehead strip thermometer readings (which i don't feel are particularly accurate) or an under the tongue thermometer, which makes me nervous when she wriggles so much. So a chance to use this ear thermometer was something i jumped at!

    1. How did you find the packaging and instructions?

    I felt the packaging was very high quality, and it was what i would expect from such a well known brand like Braun. So i wasn't disappointed in the standard. The box was sturdy and well presented. Everything you need to know is right there plain and clear, it's nice that you can actually see the product. Some only have pictures on the outside and the box is sealed, so i always find it a bonus to see what the product looks like and the actual size of it. Personally I LOVE a quick start guide. image I don't like faffing about with huge instruction booklets, and lets face it, us mummies don't have the luxury of spare time very often! So although the book is sizeable, you have the option to just skim through a quicker guide. The images are very clear and easy to understand without having to read a lot. 

    2. Did you find the thermometer easy to use? What did you especially like or dislike about this thermometer?

    The fact that it came with batteries already installed was a massive plus point for me. Nothing worse than needing to use something quickly, and realising you have to go out and buy batteries. I really like that there are only 4 buttons. It makes it easy to use, intuitive to use and you don't have to keep referring to the instructions. The eject button for the filter tip is a great little gadget, eliminating the need to touch everything, and therefore ensuring it's hygienic at all times. I like the feel and weight of it in my hand, it really does feel like a good quality product, well worth the price. My daughter is well just now, so after selecting the 3-36 months age group, her reading came back normal. I feel the memory aspect of it alone - storing up to 9 temperatures, is what would sell this thermometer to me hands down. It eliminates the need to spend time writing down a list of temps throughout the day. You can stick it in your changing bag and know that you've a record of the little ones temperature with you to refer to if you feel maybe a doctors appointment is necessary. The colour on the display screen is great too as it tells you blatantly whether their temp is elevated. I feel this would also benefit parents who may have difficulties with eyesight or reading, and it negates confusion.

    3. Would you recommend this product to a friend or relative? If so, why?

    I definitely would. I have a few friends in exactly the same boat as me, who's little ones are starting nursery and they are worried about sickness bugs. If i'm honest I didn't ever think about the fact that temperature varies with age. So what could be a fine temp for a 4 year old, could be dangerous for a newborn. This was a learning curve for me. I now feel after reading the pamphlet that came with the thermometer, more educated about my childs health. I know that a temp reading i take with this thermometer is going to be extremely accurate. Having that knowledge feels like i now have more control over being able to help her when she's feeling poorly. 

    4. Anything else you'd like to mention?

    I probably wouldn't have considered spending a lot of money on an in-ear thermometer if i'm honest, as i thought i'd always just "get by" using the cheap under tongue ones. However after having the opportu

  • Thanks so much for letting me test this thermometer. I think that it is a excellent product.

    Here is my review.

    1. I found the packaging very compact and easy to open. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. I thought that it was good that the instructions had pictures as well.

    2. I thought that the thermometer was very easy to use. I liked the fact that it had a night light on it as I find it so hard to take my sons temperature at night because with a normal thermometer you always have to put the light on which then disturbs them if they are sleeping. I also liked that it shows different colours when the temperature is normal, elevated or high because it shows you instantly if their temperature is high. I thought it was excellent that there was 3 different age ranges on the thermometer because I didn't realise that a high temperature reading differed from a 1 year old to a 4 year old. I liked that the product came ready to use with a battery in. When I tested in on my 4 year old he didn't make a fuss and it was so quick he didn't even really notice what I was doing and he normally makes a fuss if I try and take his temperature.  

    3. I would definitely recommend this product to a friend because I thought it was excellent and so easy to use.

    4. I am so pleased that I got chosen to test this thermometer as it is going to be so handy for my family and make life easier when my children are poorly.  

  • Thank you for giving us the chance to test the thermometer out.

    1. How did you find the packaging and instructions? 

    The thing that struck me most with the packing is how professional it looks - you can tell straight away that its a professional quality product from a well known brand.

    2. Did you find the thermometer easy to use? What did you especially like or dislike about this thermometer? 

    The thermometer was really easy to use, i like the fact that the batteries are already in so you can literally take it straight out of the box and use it immediately.  It is so quick to get an accurate result that my little girl did not have time to make a fuss about it!

    Would you recommend this product to a friend or relative? If so, why? - See more at:

    I would definitely reccomend this product is it couldn't be more easy to use and i know a lot of friends worry about the accuracy of other products especially the forehead thermometers.  

  • Thank you for the opportunity to test this product it's great.

    1. The product was packaged in sturdy protective packaging, that allowed a good view of the thermometer and was easy to open.  The instructions were clear and easy to read a must with a thermometer.

    2. My daughter who is 10 months old was poorly when this arrived, so it was the ideal time to test its effectiveness, I was able to remove it from the packaging and use it straight away as the batteries were pre inserted.  I have previously used an ear thermometer but the tip was too large for her ear, this however inserted and gave an accurate reading straightway (I took several readings in quick succession with the same reading) The settings for the different age ranges and the colour coding are a fantastic addition and make it brilliant for families and avoid concern of whether there is a fever or not.  The ear tips are simple to change and easily stored within the base of the case which protects the thermometer and makes it portable enough to take away with you on holiday.

    3. I would definitely recommend this to friends and relatives for its ease of use and accuracy.

    4.  The fact that it uses AA batteries which are readily available and often found in the home makes this even more appealing, in my opinion superior to any thermometer I've used before.

  • Hi

    1. The packaging was sufficient to keep the product secure and safe and looked appealing.  The instructions were very easy to read and made the product able to use very quickly.

    2. It was very easy to use, the instructions made it very easy.  I like that the results come in very quickly and that the digital display is easy to read.  There didn't seem like there were many protective covers included.

    3. I would recommend this product as it is easy to use, looks stylish and the results come in quickly.

    4. I could not see any information on where to get new lens filters from.

  • Thanks so much for all your feedback, everyone. Really great stuff!


    We're just waiting for a couple of stragglers to post their feedback on this thread and the No Touch thermometer one - and then we'll put everyone's name into a hat for the Amazon voucher prize draw.


    Watch this space for the announcement of the winner's name!

  • Hi. Just wondering when you will be doing the draw. Will keep checking back to see if any updates. Thanks ????

  • Hello 3054. Sorry that we've had to wait a bit to do the draw.

    As we posted above, we have a couple of stragglers who have yet to post their feedback - their thermometers got delayed in the post and they've only just received them.

    As soon as they've posted their feedback, we'll get on with the prize draw. I'm hoping we can announce a winner at the top end of next week.

  • Eeeek exciting! Good luck all xx

  • Thank you for giving me the opportunity to test the thermoscan 7 with age precision. It was worth the wait.

    1. How did you find the packaging and instructions?

    I really liked how easy it was to open the packaging. None of this silly plastic that you spend ages trying to cut open. The product was well presented and key features we displayed on the outer box. This is one of the better packaged products which we did not require any tools to open.

    The instructions were really easy to understand and the quick start guide and pictures are a bonus.

    2. Did you find the thermometer easy to use? What did you especially like or dislike about this thermometer?

    The thermometer was really easy to use. It was really handy it being set up ready with a cap and batteries. I have used the thermometer several times in short space of time and the temperature was accurate and consistent with readings. The colour reading is a great idea which will come in handy especially during the night with the light up background.  

    The storage case provided is a brilliant idea. This will save room in the draw rather trying to store a bulky box. The fact the spare covers fit inside the box means no more losing them.

    My 9 month old didn't even flinch whilst I was taking her temperature. I have also tried this on my 5 year old who for once did not complain when we took her temperature.

    The ear caps are a lot more solid compared to our current thermometer which the caps split when put on the ear piece.

     In the short term (today) I am yet to find anything that I dislike about the product.

    3. Would you recommend this product to a friend or relative? If so, why?

    I would recommend this product due to ease and accuracy of the product. It can be used on all the family with quick accurate results with built in memory.

    4. Anything else you'd like to mention?

     I would of been put of buying this product due to the price, however having used it I think it would be worth the money. A great investment for all the family. The replacement caps can be good value for money depending where you shop.

    Thanks again x


  • Hello everyone!

    Thanks so much for your wonderful feedback - and also for your patience while we waited for the last few folks to post their stuff.

    That's all done now so we've put all your names in a hat, along with the names of the people who tested the No Touch thermometer and the winner of the £100 Amazon voucher is  - drum roll, drum roll! - AngWass2.

    Well done! We'll get that sent to you as soon as poss, AngWass2.

    And thank you again, to everyone else, for your excellent testing. Here's to the next one, eh?

  • Wow thank you so so much!! xxx


    My vouchers have arrived image

    These are going to buy a lightweight pushchair for my daughter.

    Thanks ever so much x

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