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Fancy testing out a new family petrol app? You could win £100 Love to Shop vouchers!


We're looking for mums of young babies, and mums of children aged 6 to 9 years to test out a family petrol app.

Everyone who is picked to test the app will have the chance to win £100 in Love to Shop vouchers.

To apply to be a tester, all you need to do is fill in this surveyIf you'd like to post on this thread afterwards to say you've filled it in, that would be lovely.

Thanks very much - and good luck!


  • apologies, I was going to apply for this but don't have a station close enough to me

  • No problem, Tracy Wood 2 - thanks for giving it a go!

  • All done thank you x 

  • I've filled it in, sounds great! 

  • Hello everyone. Huge apologies but we've just realised we put the wrong survey link in our opening post.

    We've amended it now but if you've taken the survey this afternoon before 3.30pm and haven't been screened out, please do have another go using the now correct link in the opening post.

    Apologies again. Feel free to pull faces and stamp your foot at me! (Egg on face emoticon)

  • The survey link doesn't seem to work x

  • Oh no, Amylou38. It's working from here (but I realise that's not much good to you). Can you try clicking on this link and let us know if that works for you?

  • It just goes to a black screen but I am on my phone, so that could be the problem x

  • Hmm. That doesn't sound right at all, Amylou38. We've checked the link from a mobile phone and got it OK this end: the screen is black for a few seconds first, though. Could you bear to try one more time and just wait a while after you get the black screen to see if it changes?

  • Screen just stays black x

  • Oh no. 

    Right, we'll try to get to the bottom of this for you, Amylou38. Could we ask you please to mail us at [email protected] and let us know what kind of phone you have – and we'll do our best to sort this one out.

  • Thanks to everyone who's applied to be a tester for this one. We've got enough applicants now, so we're going to close the thread.

    If you've been chosen for the test, you will be getting an email very soon!

  • Hello all. 

    A couple of our chosen testers are no longer able to do the testing on this one, so we're opening the thread again.

    If you'd like the chance to win £100 in Love to Shop vouchers, please do apply to be a tester – all you need to do is fill in this survey.

  • Filled it in but don't have a station close !

  • ive filled it in x

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