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Fancy testing the Britax Römer’s BABY-SAFE i-SIZE car seat and FLEX BASE? Sign up here



  • We would love to test this car seat and it would be perfect to go with our Britax Pram - we do struggle with our normal car seat! 

    Dexter is 9 weeks old and i have a 2004 landrover discovery. 

    good luck everyone!! 

  • We have never used a base before so we would love this opportunity. Luna is 5 weeks old and we have a ford Mondeo 2011. :)

  • Hi I would love to test this carseat . Our little girl is 7weeks 5 days and has silent reflux so hates the seat we have! It would be good to see if a different seat helped her...

    We have a Vauxhall Zafira 2011

    Thank you! 

  • We would love to test this for you. Olivia is 7 months old on the 18th December. We have a Citroën C3 2007.

    Thank you 

  • Hi

    I would love the opportunity to test this car seat! The one we have that came with our pram just doesn't sit right in our car and am looking for a new one. 

    My daughter is 25 weeks but was almost 10 weeks premature. She would have been almost  6 weeks right now and is still small and so is probably closer to the size of a newborn. She just about weight 8lbs if that helps.

    We have a 65 plate Vauxhall Corsa.

    Thanks! Good luck everyone!

  • Sorry, that should say my daughter is 15 weeks, not 25! Not sure how to edit, oops!

  • I have already posted but would love add...we also have a 2014 Fiat 500 3dr. So would love to test if the car seat would squeeze in as my current one doesn't, but my friends carseat fits nicely in the back of the fiat! 😏 

  • Hi

    My son is 7  months old and we have a Nissan Xtrail.  I'd love to test this car seat as I was considering a Britax car seat when we first had our baby.



  • Hi Girls!

    My little girl Mya is now 7months- we are in the May Baby thread. I drive a 2011 Ford Fiesta zetec. we would love the opportunity to try out this car seat! 

  • Hi my baby girl is 9 weeks old and we would love to try this seat, we have had to change our car seat 3 times already due to a 'fault' 

    plus im getting a Britax pram so this would be perfect

    our car is a 2009 5 door Corsa

    thank you x

  • HI, Adam was born 6/4/16 and he's 8 months old.

    i have a Toyota Corolla 2006 plate and would love to trial the car seat... The one I have at the moment is on loan and since my sister in law has given birth to her baby daughter it seems to be going back and forth... So I would love to trial this out on baby Adam.

    Thank you

  • Hi I would love to test this new car seat out . 9 just had my first son five months ago on the 8th July so he is 22 weeks old. His name is Malachi xx

    it would be good to see how it fits into different cars as I travel via two different cars on different days as don't always have access to the same one.  

  • we would be happy to test it out I have a 4 week old son and my car is a Vauxhall Zafira 09 

  • Me and my little son Ezra would love to test this. He's 9 weeks (well 10 weeks on Thursday!) He was born 6th October 2015.

    We have a grey Volkswagen Golf 1.8gt, 2015.


  • My little boy was born on 16th November 2016 so is almost 4 weeks old. We'd love to test this car seat out. I drive an Audi Q3 S line which is a 12 plate and it would also be used in my parents BMW 3 series 13 plate.  

  • We would love a chance to review this product, little emellia is 7 months old on the 19th of December.  We have a Focus S, 2016 plate. Thank you x

  • Hi we would love to try out this car seat and Base.  It looks fab! I own a Renault 2014 capture in ivory! My son Arlo is 3 months old x

  • Hello, we would love to test this new car seat and base. Our daughter is almost 4 months and our car is a Kia carens 2014. Many thanks. 

  • Hi, my daughter is 2 months old ...We have a Renault Clio .

  • Post withdrawn at user's request

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