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Monkey Monkey Sunglasses product test: the feedback thread


This is the feedback thread for those of you who are testing the Monkey Monkey children’s sunglasses for us, as part of our latest MadeForMums product test.

You should have received your sunglasses, or they’re speeding their way to you right now!. Do have fun with your child testing out the sunglasses, and please also take some pictures of your child, while they are wearing them.

Then, please give us your feedback on this thread by answering the following 4 questions:

1. What does your child think of the Monkey Monkey sunglasses?
2. What do you think of the look and design of the sunglasses?
3. How important is it to you that children’s sunglasses protect a child’s eyes against both UVB and UVA light?
4. Would you recommend Monkey Monkey sunglasses to other parents?

Everyone who leaves quality feedback and answers all 4 of our questions and posts pictures (and is part of our product test) will be put into a draw to win a £100 Amazon voucher.

Thank you so much – and good luck!




  • image

    My 8 year old son's opinion of these sunglasses instantly impressed me as to how good the quality was, as he came out with something quite profound...  He first told me how he doesn't really like the sunglasses he has had in the past as they make everything look miserable on a sunny day. He described the 'Monkey Monkey' sunglasses as being wonderful to wear as they made everything look cosy instead of dark.  He went further in his description to say that it was like when we pull the curtains at home and put on a small lamp.  He said he could still see things in detail but with all the glare of the sun bouncing off things taken away.  He also liked the fact that the lenses were big enough and shaped in such a way that it covered his whole eyes so that no light got in.  At 8 years old he is starting to become aware of what is fashionable and what is deemed "uncool".  These sunglasses got a big thumbs up in terms of the snazzy design.

    As a parent, firstly I was very pleased with the amount of information the label attached to the sunglasses bore.  I must admit I wasn't aware of 'filter categories' or 'blue light'.  The label provided just the right amount of information to educate me on the importance of 'Blue Light protection' and the differences in eye protection in filter categories. I felt assured that the sunglasses were in the highest possible category of filter protection being at 'Filter category 3' which means 'high protection against sun glare'.  The design of the sunglasses are fashionable and are versatile in the way that they can be worn with any type of clothing.  I also liked the fact that the sunglasses came with their own pouch so that can be kept protected when not in use.

    Since reading up on the dangers of UVB and UVA light it is very important to me from now on that any sunglasses that I buy for my children will protect them from these harmful rays.  I am very pleased that Monkey Monkey give children so much protection from the sun.

    Without question, I would most definitely recommend the 'Monkey Monkey' sunglasses to other parents!


  • imageimageimage

    First of all my son loved being a model 😂 he is 8 years old.

    His first impressions were 'wow mummy they even come in a special bag' he couldn't wait to get them on. He said they were nice and comfy to wear because they didn't fall off his face. He wanted to take them to school to show off to all his friends. He said they were 'class' and 'soo cool'.

    I thought the design was very trendy and perfect for little boys of this age. They are a great size as I find kids sunglasses are often too small and hardly cover the kids eyes. 

    The protection these glasses give to kids eyes are fantastic. My son would be sensitive to the sun and he would get itchy eyes if exposed to the sun for too long. The information given with these glasses was brilliant very informative and I learned alot from it. 

    I would definitely recommend these glasses to other parents. They have the perfect look as well as protection. My son has already recommended them to his friends. 

  • Hi, and thanks for sending the sunglasses for us to try!

    1. James is 9, and has an average sized head, but said he found these to be a bit tight and uncomfortable, so they weren’t tested for as long as we would have liked.
    2. We both really liked the look of the sunglasses. The tropical print is very stylish and would go well with lots of outfits because they have lots of different colours on them, but they aren’t garish.
    3. I think it’s very important to protect children’s eye from all harmful UVA and UVB and blue light rays. We only get one set of eyes after all, so we need to take care of them! I too found the information on how Monkey Monkey help to protect the eyes very informative.
    4. I would recommend Monkey Monkey sunglasses, but probably only recommend this particular size to children under 8, because of the sizing issue (hence James grimacing a bit in the photos)



  • My 8 year old daughter loves the glasses. She liked the design shape and colour. She said they felt comfortable on her face and was happy to wear them. She has enjoyed showing them off to her friends at school.

    I did feel the size was only just big enough for her. However I felt the design shape was very on trend and the colour lovely. 

    I feel suitable protective sunglasses are essential for children and ensuring we protect the health of their eyes.

    I would certainly recommend these glasses. I feel they are of good quality and look very fashionable. My daughter has certainly recommend them to her friends. 

    Thank you for letting her participate in this trial. image

  • imageimageimage

    This is Noah. He's 7. He loves wearing sunglasses and he totally loves these Monkey Monkey glasses. He said they fit him comfortably and he liked the level of protection they gave him. In fact, he's hardly had them off since he was sent them. He really likes the case they came in and used it as a lens wipe when we were at the beach. His words were, 'I think they look cool and they are snug on my head because some of my other pairs I can't wear for very long. I would tell other children that Monkey Moblue glasses are definitely a good make of sunglasses!' Thank you so much for selecting him for this trial! 

    Noah and I both liked the design. They were a great shape and style. They fit him well and didnt trap his hair. He's got long wavy hair and it often gets trapped in his other pairs. We both liked the colourful pattern and they were easy to match with lots of outfits because they featured a range of colours. They will look fabulous on a beach as they look quite 'tropical' and the level of protection was good. 

    I think it is incredibly important to protect your child in the sun. We apply suncream without a second thought and yet many parents forget to protect their children's eyes. Some of his sunglasses have a fairly poor protection level but we felt these were really good. At all times I felt as though he was properly protected. 

    I would definitely recommend the glasses to other parents, in fact I already have! Some of the parents  we were out with at the weekend commented on how nice they were and once he'd showed them off, they all agreed they were a great design and that they were great quality. 

  • image

    My 9 year old son Charlie, thought the sunglasses were 'very cool'! He liked the jungle leaf design and shape of them and said that they were very comfortable. We both liked the fact that the lenses were quite big compared to some more wraparound/sport designs as this was very effective in keeping the sun out as Charlie has sensitive eyes. He liked the colour and level of shade the glasses offered as it was 'just dark enough'.

    It'a incredibly important to protect our children's eyes from the harmful rays as we want them to have healthy eyes into adulthood. 

    I would definitely recommend these sunglasses to other parents as they look great, are of very high quality, protect eyes well and are comfortable to wear.


  • imageimageimageimage

    My son is 6 years of age and in the past I have previously just bought him any pair of sunglasses that we have seen out and about. I focussed a lot of my time researching sun protection in different forms, such as the effects of sun cream factors or different hat ranges, but have never really focussed on the sunglasses. Being a Science teacher we teach of the dangers of UVA and UVB but it was interesting to read the information in the packaging regarding blue light and its impact on young eyes.

    My son found the design quite fun and it felt durable and sturdy. The hard wearing material meant that they did not scratch easily. It was a good fit on his face, he wore them out whilst on his scooter and they did not fall off once. The glasses bag acted like a good lens cleaner which was very useful as my son's sticky little fingerprints were all over the arm and lens of the glasses.

    My daughter aged 2 and half (who is also a victim to fashion) enjoyed the sunglasses and on occasion I had to bribe her to take them off so that my son could make use of them. They suited her well, which led me to think that the design seemed gender neutral.

    Overall, these are very good sunglasses and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to any parent. My only reservation is the price tag of £18.00. At this age (6 years) he is still a little heavy handed and forgetful and this would be a big investment to make. But I would consider it as a purchase now having tried them, knowing the importance of UVA, UVB and the blue light effect.

    Definitely a thumbs up from both of my kiddies!
  • imageimage

    both girls loved the glasses, especially the pink to yellow colouring. whilst they fitted perfectly on my 5 year old, they didn't fit my 6 year olds bridge, which disappointed her. 

    I think the glasses are lovely and well designed, I like the fact they are uva and uvb protected, which makes them feel safer for children. 

    I think having a slightly different shape to the lenses or introducing a style with different shaped lenses will benefit the company, as they will suit more face shapes.

    however overall the glasses were a hit in my house. just a shame they didn't fit my 6 year old properly! 

    I would recommend them to other parents. 

  • image


    Makenzi is age 6 and is ment to wear glasses all the time and suffers from a droppy eyelid.

    1) makenzi loved the glasses and wears them now every time the suns out she even takes them to school. She loves the design and style of them to. 

    2) I love design and style of the sunglasses. Very stylish and unique.

    3) i think it's extremely important to protect your child's eyes from the sun especially with the amount of problems that can occur with the sun being in the eyes. We are over protective with makenzis eyes after having several operations on her eye. 

    4) I would highly recommend monkey monkey sunglasses. As they have a high protection for the eyes and look stylish   they are very well made and designed 


  • image  

    Here is my 6 year old with her new sunglasses and she loves them!  

    She loves the graduated pink colour so it matches with whatever shade she's wearing and that they were 'big to cover all of her eyes without it going really black' -  she disliked her shades last year as it was too dark with them on unless it was very bright outside but she was happy all afternoon in these, even when it happened to go a bit overcast so overall a happy little girl ! 

    Big sister wasn't happy when she tried them on as they didn't fit her face well as they were too tight but she is 9 and big for her age ( wears 11-12 clothes)  but was happy her sister had a pair just for her. 

    I was happy with the protection ratings as they are high and offered good eye protection- something I do try to check we have whatever product we choose for the sunny days

    overall I would recommend them to other parents as an investment pair of sunglasses as the age range is fitting (sizewise) for younger children the price tag of £15 may be off putting for some when you consider how often little ones break, drop or loose items such as these.

    many thanks for letting us test these for you, we are happy to help x

  • image

    My 6 year old daughter Kaiya loves these glasses! We are on holiday at the moment in Morocco she's had them on the whole time strutting her stuff!

    I love the design of these sunglasses they are very fashionable!

    I think it's very important to protect my children's eyes against the suns harmful rays as I do with theirs and my own skin we all use factor 50 to try and stay as protected as possible.

    I would definitely recommend these to other parents! As I love the protection they give for the eyes and they look super cute! Only downside I would say is that they are a little pricey as my little girls forever losing things but she is only 6 a slightly older child probably wouldn't have this problem. :)

  • imagethis is tianna aged 9 she loves the sun glasses rain or shine she has them onthey seem a bit small around the head but still wont take them off. she even wears them to school and all her friends like them my daughter seems to need sun glasses more as she is getting older and the sun light seems to give her bad headache and these sun glasses seem to block out most of the sun light they are great other perants have asked were did she get them from so will be defo be telling other perants about them xx

  • My daughter aged 7 gives these Sun Glasses a big thumbs up 👍🏻 She has been wearing them to school and already a couple of mums have stopped to ask where we got the glasses from as they seem solid. They're very well made and fit my daughter perfectly. 

    They also come with a little pouch which is perfect as my daughters always scratching the lenses on her glasses. 

    They offer a good UV protection - overall I would rate theses Glasses very good and would definitely recommend to other parents. 

    Thank you for letting us be part of testing x image

  • my 7 year old daughter , loved these sun glasses and couldn't wait to show them off. She sed they felt comfy to wear but would like it the came in different colours to . She loved the fact that her eyes were protected from the sun , even the flash of my camera but that they wasn't to dark , and the little pouch is great to prevent them from scratching.

    I think the design of these sun glasses is cute,stylish and they seem quiet sturdy too . The protection that these sun glasses offer little ones eyes is great , as there eyes are so delicate and need protecting from the irreversible affects of the sun. This alone makes the price tag on these glasses seem worth it . We will defiantly be recommending these to other parents and family member.


  • This is Henry and he has put these glasses through the ultimate test! A weekend at Beaver camp!

    Henry was really pleased with the look of the glasses, he stated himself that they felt more for boys. I think recently some sunglasses have been like mini adult ones.

    image Henry felt confident that he looked good in these, looks are becoming very important for him as he is getting older.

    The information about the sunglasses was very helpful and easy to read. Henry was able to understand the important message about protecting your eyes and linked it to the importance of protecting your skin too.

    As parents we really want our children to stay children, and we do not like them wearing things that look too grown up. We liked these glasses as not only were they very durable, they were stylish in a child friends way. We felt Monkey Monkey had got this right, not too old or too young.


    Protecting our children is so important to us, protection against UVB and UVA is a feature we want to see in sunglasses, but to have this combined with style and a good price bracket we would happily buy these for our children. We also like things that protect our pockets too... these glasses not only hid tired eyes


    but they withstood the test of Beaver camp !image

    Overall we were really happy with these glasses,  they provided UVB and UVA protection,  style and were very durable. I had expected them to have been a bit battered! However, as you can see they have been well worn and I am amazed they are not scratched at all!!

    Thanks for the opportunity to test... Henry gave them 10/10. We would defiantly buy


  • 1. When my 6 year old saw the glasses she was bouncing asking if they were for her, she loved the colour and the design. She said they fitted well and they were perfect- she didn't want to take them off! unfortunately since we received these, we have only had rain so they haven't been tested out to their full effect in some sun, just around the house 

    2. i like the colour of the glasses but I wasn't overly keen on the shape of them, they did seem too big for my daughters face, though having said that, they were the first sunglasses she has had when I know her eyes were 100% covered and protected 

    3. I hadn't really given this much thought before but with more and more emphasis being put on what the sun can do to harm, I was very pleased about the protection these glasses gave

    4. yes I would, id also look at the other designs with the view of purchasing for my other 2 children


  • imageimageimage

    1. My son loved these, he loved the pattern and keeps saying they look so cool. The shape of the sunglasses are perfect for his face and cover his eyes well. He said they are really comfy and make everything a nice colour. He has been wearing them everyday even to school. 

    2. I love the sunglasses the design is really cool a bit grown up but still child like at the same time. The shape is perfect for boys they really suit them. When reading the information that came with the glasses it is very informative and reassures you that they have the right protection for little ones eyes. The bag provided is really useful to keep them scratch free. 

    3. It is very important to me to protect my children's eYes, we have used sunglasses , hats etc from a young age with our children so that hopefully it becomes natural to them to use these things to protect themselves from the sun. When reading about the damaging effects of both uva and uvb rays then it has become more important to protect my children's eyes feom both of these. 

    4. I would definately recommend them to other parents, it is reassuring to know that my children's eyes have complete sun protection but they still look nice at the same time which is something new that becomes important to them as the grow up. 

  • imageimageimageimage

    My little girl Ettie is 7. She is not keen on sunglasses generally and we've struggled to get her to wear any for any length of time. 

    She was excited to receive these and liked the little pouch too. She put them on straight away and headed off to check her reflection. She said they were darker lenses than glasses she has had before and that was good as the lenses kept the sun at bay. 

    She loved the colour and they fit her really well so she wore them for the rest of the day with no complaints. She wants to take them abroad with her for our summer holidays. 

    I love the ombre colour effect and thought the glasses were pretty study for kids ones. The lenses looked a lot better than typical cheap kids shades too. I wasn't aware about the effects of blue light really so was interested to discover the benefits of protecting her eyes from both types of rays. 

    The cicular style is not one I would typically have chosen but it actually looked really good and felt more like a nice children's style instead of trying to be too grown up. 

    The glasses are great. I'm impressed with the look, style and quality and it's good to know her eyes are properly protected by them. One less thing to worry about as a mum ! 

    Ettie has worn them regularly and we will be taking them with us on our summer hols took 

    I'd happily recommend these. It's lovely to see a practical product designed for children. 

  • image


    1. What does your child think of the Monkey Monkey sunglasses?

    My son Hector, isn't really into his clothes and accessories seemingly, he does however love a hat and was keen on wearing these glasses, he said they were like his daddies (which the shape is). They fitted him really well. 

    2. What do you think of the look and design of the sunglasses?

    I think the design is really fun, but grown up. Better than the themed ones you see so often. They're fashio and I love the colour of the lens. 

    3. How important is it to you that children’s sunglasses protect a child’s eyes against both UVB and UVA light? 

    Its vital. It's important that the glasses are both functional and are what my kids want to wear too. 

    4. Would you recommend Monkey Monkey sunglasses to other parents?

    I definitely would. However, I feel that for a 6/7 year old they're quite expensive and I'm not sure they'd be looked after and therefore that they would last a couple of years +. 

    (photos aren't great as taken tonight after losing those taken at the weekend in my now broken phone) 

  • Hi, I am having trouble getting my photos on to my laptop to upload them to this site so will leave my feedback for now and try to get the photos to work!

    Initially when we took them out of the case my son was unsure about the tropical pattern on the glasses as he felt it doesn't go with his favourite black cap, however when he tried them on he started to like them and said he likes the cool square shape of the frame. He said they were quite comfortable but they started to feel tight after wearing them for a few hours.

    I personally like the design and think they are great for the sunny weather and look very summery. They are a little small for my son who is 9 years old so I would probably recommend them for a slightly younger child. I like the blue case to keep them in although it would probably get lost quickly in my household!

    I haven't previously thought too much about UVA/UVB protection and have always associated sun protection with sun cream and hats/t shirts to protect the skin, but reading the information sent with these sunglasses made me more aware and I will now keep this in mind as eyesight is so precious.

    I would recommend Monkey Monkey although think these particular glasses were for a younger child maybe up to 7 years. I dont normally pay that much for child's sunglasses as they get lost quickly but it is worth paying more to protect the eyes.

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