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Zinc Flyte Scooter product test: the feedback thread


This is the feedback thread for those of you who are testing the Zinc Flyte Scooter, for us as part of our latest MadeForMums product test.

You should have received your Zinc Flyte Scooter, or it’s speeding its way to you right now! Do have fun with your child playing with the scooter, and please do take some pictures of your child, while they do this.

Please give us your feedback on this thread by answering the following 4 questions:

1. What did you think of the Zinc Flyte when you first received it?

2. What was your child’s reaction when he/she first saw it?

3. How did your child get on with using the Zinc Flyte? What did they use it for? What did they think of the scooter? (Please post up the pictures of your child using the scooter. To upload a pic, click the little camera icon at the top right of the 'Add your reply' box)

4. Would you recommend the Zinc Flyte to other parents?

Everyone who leaves quality feedback and answers all 4 of our questions and posts pictures (and is part of our product test) will be put into a draw to win a £200 Amazon voucher.

Thank you so much – and good luck!


Zinc created Flyte: a soft, squidgy, but sturdy suitcase scooter, to let kids travel in a fun way. The Zinc Flyte was born to make every trip an adventure.


  • Thankyou very much for giving my son the opportunity to test the Zinc Flyte scooter-it was certainly a hit!

    He was excited opening the box, so you can imagine his face when he pulled out the product.

    My first thoughts were based on the look of the item, the design (shark) was vibrant and eye catching, the material was soft and squidgy yet sturdy. Its really quite compact, considering a scooter is attached to it. The handle folds down when not in use, so it just looks like part of the case as opposed to scooter handles, and the actual footboard folds neatly into the back of the case. I did research on the product when I discovered we were lucky enough to be chosen, and saw it was aimed at 2-8 years which I wouldn't be inclined to agree with, purely because my 7 year old is too tall to use this product. However, this aside, its cabin size, its a lovely fun design and its fun, which is a huge bonus for us parents when we are in a busy airport, waiting to board!

    Harry was thrilled when he saw the scooter, he loved the design and he was amazed that it was actually a scooter aswell as a case. He lifted the handle with ease, but did struggle to get the footboard down, however, I see this as a positive because, in a busy airport, it can easily be far too busy for a child to be scooting round, so once its put away, it would stay away! Its a strong, sturdy piece of kit and the size of the case is perfect for cabin luggage, sleepovers etc. 

    Harry used the scooter with ease, the only difficulty he experienced was the lowering of the footboard itself, but he is only 3.5 so hes on the lower scale of the intended age. He went whizzing around the kitchen which in a smooth floor, then we took it outdoors and it did struggle a little when he came across a few stones but you would expect this with any scooter. 

    Overall, id definitely recommend this scooter, its perfect for children who have outgrown the trunki, it will certainly keep them entertained. It is very 'nippy' on smooth terrain so they would need to be careful if whizzing around a busy, public area. The designs are all fun and the material is nice and soft, yet solid. Its a spacious case, ideal for sleepovers or taking essentials on a flight, and the scooter folds up nice and compact, what more do you need?? I did notice the price tag when doing my own research on the product, do I think its worth it? Well when you consider the price of a trunki, your looking at half of the price, but this will essentially last your child longer AND it has a scooter, so yes, its certainly worth the price tag. Its a thumbs up from us :)imageimage

  • Hello MFM team and thank you for letting Lennon and myself be part of these amazing review. 

    When our huge box arrived my son and myself got very excited, for one I was really please that I didn't have to make anything up that it come as one whole unit ready to rock and roll which is a huge help when you have excited kids waiting to try out their new toy so to speak.

    For myself I was extremely impressed with the size of the scooter and case compartments, it looked very eye pleasing and I knew my son would love the design. I really liked the added extras of a small selection of tools, I also love the fact it can be wiped clean, the only down side for me was the handle bar height, my son is only 5 but really tall for his age it would have been nice if it had like 3 different height settings, I feel this item would be more suited for my 3 year old, I can see this item lasting a long time and will be well used by all 3 of my boys on trips to the beach, sleep overs and wee holidays. 

    My son Lennon is 5 and when he saw the scooter he was so happy and excited, he loved the design Snappy The Shark and the fact it felt really smooth for him was a good sensory feeling, he went into his room and filled the case with some clothing and went on to tell me he was off to his nanny's for a wee holiday, His nanny lives 12 hours away by car so explained he couldn't just go off on his scooter but we could definitely take it out for a test ride.

    He found using the scooter real run and definitely got the hang of using the brake to stop when needed, he was able to extend the hand bars and lower them again on his own but struggled with the foot plate, he managed to lower it once I'd shown him a few times but when it came to folding it back up again he asked for help. Lennon said he found turning corners a little hard when the case compartment was empty compared to when it was full of toys or his clothing, he loved the fact he could control the speed and was able to stop using the brake, lennon said the handle bars feel good with good grip and found flat smooth ground easier to scoot on.

    On a whole I would definitely recommend these, I know the price might put some people off but I think if you have more than one child and they can all get use out of it then it's worth it, the product uses strong quality materials and is made well, the arrange of designs means there is something for everyone, the case compartments are a good large size, the outer case can easily be cleaned, I feel its a fun but also practical product that can grown with your child and will see many holidays and trips.






  • Im a mum to a 8 year old son and have a 3 month old girl. We are due to go to Spain on Thursday so was thrilled to be chosen to take part.

    The shark scooter arrived Friday and I left it box so I could open it together with my son.

    As soon as he arrived home from school he ripped open the box with excitement. My initial thoughts were good. The case was very sturdy and the scooter was easily put into use. The storage was a perfect size to put all items that he needed to keep him entertained on the plane including toys and snacks and additional space for any extras.

    I was pleased with the design and the fact it could be easily wiped and was cabin size. I anticipated that it could be used for family days out as well as for holidays.

    However when my son started scooting around it became apparent that it was too small for him to use effectively. My son is very tall and has size 3 feet and was unable to put both feet onto the scooter without struggling. He also struggled with the steering of the case but after a few initial attempts mastered this skill. He was initially very excited about the case but soon became frustrated that he couldn't scoot on it with both feet. He played with it for a short time and went back to it on a few occasions but when asked to pack his things didn't seem that bothered.

    I understand that another product is being designed for older children and perhaps that would suit him better.

    I think the product is more suitable for 3-6 year olds or should be marketed on height restriction.

    Despite the price I would recommend and buy this product in a larger size as the design is brilliant and can be used for multiple occasions and I think you would get your money's worth.image

  • 1. What did you think of the Zinc Flyte when you first received it?

    The item design I choose for my daughter was simply yet eye catching. I choose Pacific blue. 

    The colours were bright, was very compact, light weight and bith the scooter and case looked extremley sturdy. 

    Only down side wAy the handle didn’t come up any higher for my daughter as she Is tall for her age.

    2. What was your child’s reaction when he/she first saw it?

    ny daughter loved the scooter.

    her exact words were oh my god this is so cool I can’t wait to take it to school. She couldn’t wait to take it outside to try it out 

    3. How did your child get on with using the Zinc Flyte? What did they use it for? What did they think of the scooter?


    My daughter has used the scooter for going to the shop, down the beach and just general playing out the back door. She struggled to steer to start with but wasn’t long in getting the hang of doing it. She loves the fact it’s super fast in her words and it makes her look cool 💁🏼‍♀️

    4. Would you recommend the Zinc Flyte to other parents?

    i would recommend zinc flyte to other parents because it is light weight and compac. Perfect for cabin luggage on flights, the designs are fantastic and the all my girls loved it not just my oldest who’s 7 💁🏼‍♀️

  • Thank you so much for this opportunity I love this product it’s so much fin and practical!

    When I first received it I asked the post man to put in down in my hall. He looked at me funny but did what I asked. It wasn’t until I went to pick it up myself that I realised it actually wasn’t heavy ha ha. I asked my son to come and help open it with me arming myself with scissors and a screw driver expecting to put the whole thing together! Much to my heavenly surprise this wasn’t the case ha! My son got excited his face was a treat. He asked what it was and I told him it was a suitcase for his holidays. He began to look inside which was so spacious! You could def fill it with holiday things for him if needed to or lots of books and toys for a plane journey. the design was amazing and so colourful. Stood out to me as soon as I opened it. 

    I told my son to stand it up and try and drag it which is when he realised something was on the back (im a bit sneaky ha but love to see his face). Wow he said no way it’s a scooter lol. He then said this will make you happy Mom I can take my own case round the airport ha. Once I read the instructions it was so easy and my son who is 6 is also able to put it up and down. He has been scooting round the living room and today has taken it outside and it glides with ease even though he’s quite tall. I can imagine what he’s going to be like round an airport lol. (Much to his little sister dismay. She’s desperate for a try). 

    He loves the scooter and used it bodies and outdoors both equally as good and filled his case with bits for his holiday already. I was expecting it to be heavy but it isn’t which leaves more weight for clothes etc if going away. I would def recommend this product for other parents! In fact I wish they did them for adults ha maybe they do. Imagine the whole family scooting around the airport is a funny image ha. He loves it and so do I! Thank you


  • Thank you so much for choosing my daughter to test this great product, we were both so chuffed and she was beyond excited!!!

    1) What did you think of the Zinc Flyte when you first received it?

    I was really impressed with the quality of the scooter and suitcase, the amount that you can fit in the case, the ease of folding it up and down, I love the fact that it was already assembled. The first thing I thought is I wish that I knew about this a couple of years ago. I also liked that the suitcase part was squishy and wipe clean. It would defiantly last a long time as its very robust and could handle the knock and bumps of travelling. I also had trust in the scooter knowing my daughter wouldn't come flying off it.

    2) What was your child's reaction when she saw it?

    She screamed when I pulled it out of the box and then asked Daddy to get the tool kit which to all our surprise there was nothing to fix together which was defiantly a surprise and an added bonus. She loved the Panda face on the front of the scooter and said that the material bow on the Panda was so cute and she loved the fact that it was like a real bow that she normally wears. She started packing straight away for our holiday in a couple of years time and then whizzed up and down the hall way for AGES!!! 

    3) How did your child get on with using the Zinc Flyte? What did they use it for? What did they think of the scooter?

    Indoors on the wooden flooring she whizzed around with ease, gliding all over but on the pavement outside it wasn't as smooth as her normal scooter but she still enjoyed and I felt very safe with her on it. We visited our local restaurant and she packed it with her colouring books and toys and we got so many comments from other parents about how a great idea it is and where can they get one from. I did worry some times when she kept lowering the scooter part as I was worried about her fingers and told her to leave that part alone, she has constantly packed and re-packed the case and cannot wait to take it on her holiday. The size was perfect for her and as my daughter is quite small for her age I think we should get another couple of years out of it and will defiantly now buy her the next size up scooter if there is one.

    4) Would you recommended the Zinc Flyte to other parents?

    Most defiantly!!! I don't even think you would have to as just them seeing it speaks for itself!! It is such a great idea and something I wish I knew a long time ago rather than holding my daughter on one hip and dragging the luggage with the other arm. My daughter is 6 now and I defiantly would of bought something like this from 3 years plus. Practical, fun and I do believe its good value for money as its 2 products in one and is so well made and could be past onto younger siblings or family members.

    Please find attached photos of her enjoying the scooter!!!

    Thank you again!!!!

  • 1) What did you think of the Zinc Flyte Scooter When you received it?

    Our scooter arrived in a large brown box in the evening and I left it for my son Max to open! It was very light even in the box which surprised me! Ive had zinc scooters in the past and they’ve been quite heavy. It was very well packaged and in a clear bag so could be seen clearly when the box was opened. 

    2) What was your child’s reaction when he first saw it?

    Max thoroughly enjoyed opening the box himself! This was a surprise as I hadn’t mentioned it!

    As he opened the box he saw the bag and was very very excited to just have a new bag at this point!! I explained there was more to it so to carry on unpacking! Once he realised it was a scooter with a case he was so pleased!



    3) How did your child get on with using the Zince Flyte? What did they use it for? What did they think of the scooter?

    Max put the handle up on his own with ease and opened shut the case easily, he needed a little help putting the scooter base down as was awkward gripping the wheel to lift and drop. I think this will get easier the more it’s used and will loosen. Max has scooted to and from school several times packing all his books and lunch into it making it a hands free walk for mummy 😀! He scooted with ease and it glides along nicely:) The case is quite low so bumps on the ground can be tricky but he mastered manoeuvring around them! Max scooted home from school and stopped to show friends his case and how you can just pull it along as well! He closed the scooter up on his own when home and lifted it into our car boot easily. Max loves the scooter and he really loved the case and can’t wait to go on his next sleepover as he checked and all his favourite things fit very nicely 😃


    Would I recommend this scooter to other parents?

    I certainly would recommend this scooter to children aged 2 -7 years maximum . Max is 7 and looks quite tall on the scooter even though he’s one of the shorter boys in his class! It’s a fantastic idea having a case especially when traveling through an airport as it can be a long walk in an airport for a small child.Scooting makes life easier & more fun and the fact it’s hand luggage which fits all there favourite toys/change of clothes is brilliant :)

    Thank you so much for the opportunity again to be a tester it’s been a great experience and we’ve had fun 😊

  • Sorry so late, having drama at home (got broken into and my car stolen but now been found!)

    On arrival my daughter was so excited when I told her the box was for her. When she opened the box and saw the gorgeous pink doll design on her case she was delighted and very proud! looks wise it is a typical little girls dream, pink shiny and the general idea of it going near the airport was even more exciting. It was much more sturdy and colourful than I expected but also very light and easy for her to move around so I was pleased with it on first impressions. 

    Moving inside the case it was a good size, we intend to use it for cabin luggage (snacks, toys, book, iPad, change of clothes etc) not a weeks clothing but I dare say if your a good packer you could get quite a bit in there! Again it’s bright pink inside so my daughter was happy!

    My daughter isn’t great at staying still or carrying her own things but as this will be our first trip as a family of four (buggy, 2 large cases and 4 cabin bags) I think this will be a great distraction. She will also be scooting along carrying her own belongings and not even noticing ha! I love that the handle means even if she isn’t using the foot part of the scooter she can still put it along behind her. It’s also great how the full thing is so compact when folded that it can be classed as cabin luggage and I think the scooter will be great for nighttime walks after dinner (if the pavements are ok that is!)

    my one concern would be my 5 yo is quite tall and I feel rather than aiming this at an age group it should be aimed at a height restriction. I wouls feel this would be the only year my daughter would benefit from this size. (I will upload images separately as they are on my partners phone). I notice someone else has said similar so this might be something for the company to address. 

    price wise, I’m not sure I would have purchased it at this price before seeing it but if my daughter was going to get longer put it I now wouldn’t hesitate to. My youngest is only just 1 so it’ll be a while before she can use it but I will definitely be keeping it for her! I haven’t tested it for a holiday yet but based on what I have used and seen of it so far I would recommend to a friend! 

    Pics to follow when when I get them off other phone sorry!

  • imageimageimage

    As you can see the little one is very jealous 😂

  • Thank you madeformums team for picking my 4 year old daughter Gracie to test the Zinc Flyte scooter.  We've had great fun putting it through its paces!

    Gracie was super excited when we received the box in the post and wasted no time getting the box open.  She was sent Olivia owl to test and what a gorgeous design!  Lovely vibrant pink colour that is so eye catching.  Absolutely brilliant 1st impression looks wise. 

    I was pleased to see that the scooter came fully assembled which is so rare these days.  No fiddly nuts, bolts or packaging.  Just take it out the box, unfold and you're away.  As soon as Gracie saw the Zinc flyte scooter she wanted to jump right on and try it out.  Thanks to the easy design she was away in no time as it was so easy to use. The mechanism to fold down the foot plate was a little stiff to start with but has loosened nicely after the first few uses.

    The height, size and weight of the Zinc flyte is perfect for Gracie who is an average height 4 year old.  She found it easy to manoeuvre whilst scooting.  She was unable to fold the scooter out or away herself but could manage the handle bars easily and zip and unzip the case.  Her 5 1/2 year old and 2 1/2 year old brothers have had a try of the scooter and impressively they all managed to use the scooter with ease so it has a really good age range.  The scooter arrived just in time for a break away at a family caravan so we were really able to give the scooter a good run.  The kids always take their scooters away with them but it was such good fun for Gracie to be able to pack her favourite things for the weekend and have a scooter all in one.  It made the packing for holiday experience even more exciting for her.  There wasn't a huge amount of space to the rear of the case due to the handle bars but perfect to fit 5kg hand luggage on a flight and the different pockets work well.  The scooter came everywhere with us.  It was a little trickier to carry around at the park whilst she was off playing or taking a break from scooting.  It is light enough to carry but a carry handle would've been a welcome addition.

    The price of the Zinc flyte at first seemed a little on the higher side than I'd normally consider, however, as you get a little suitcase and scooter in one i actually think it represents good value for money and is such a fun product. It is also really sturdy and excellent quality materials.  

    Gracie absolutely loves Olivia owl.  I would definitely recommend this product to friends, family and other parents for UK & foreign holidays or even just for sleep overs at grandparents etc.

    Attached are some photos of Gracie and the gorgeous Zinc Flyte Olivia the Owl.


  • Thanks MadeForMums for allowing Isobella to be a tester for this product :)

    1. What did you think of the Zinc Flyte when you first received it?

    I was really impressed by the quality of the item. The case seemed very durable and the design was really pleasing on the eye. The scooter seemed pretty robust as I‘d imagined I might be quite flimsy but that wasn’t the case at all. The size of the case was great too, it arrived just in time for my daughter going on a camping trip and she got all of her belongings in it with room to spare.

    2. What was your child’s reaction when he/she first saw it?
    She was so surprised and thrilled. She loved the design and as she loves scooters and roller skates she was so excited to give it a try so took it straight out in the garden! 

    3. How did your child get on with using the Zinc Flyte? What did they use it for? What did they think of the scooter?(Please post up the pictures of your child using the scooter. To upload a pic, click the little camera icon at the top right of the 'Add your reply' box)

    Isobella gotta the hang of it straight away. She’s used to 2 wheel scooters now as she’s a little older so was a bit concerned she might look a bit ‘babyish’ with a 3 wheeler but once she got going she didn’t seem too phased by that at all. She was happy to have a case to pack herself for her camping trip so that saved us having to pack for her as she was so keen to do it herself 😊👍🏻 she liked having the little zip compartment to separate her toiletries and hair accessories from her clothes. So far she’s used the Zinc Flyte on her camping trip, to relocate toys to other parts of the house when she doesn’t want to carry them all in her hands, to help me bring washing downstairs to the washing machine (very handy), to scoot from the car to school on the school run and also at the park she packed some snacks for her and her little sister to enjoy. 

    4. Would you recommend the Zinc Flyte to other parents?

    Absolutely, although my daughter is a tall 7 year old and I think the handle bar doesn’t extend quite far enough for her, it would be great if it were even an inch longer. It would potentially be useful if there were a couple of handle bar settings, one for younger users and then a taller one for the older users. The case is fantastic and fits a lot in and as I mentioned above the scooter seems very robust, it’s also easy to unfold and fold so my daughter  can do that herself. Its a good alternative to a trunki too!

    Thank you for allowing us to take part!





  • Hi everyone, thank you all for taking part in this product test, leaving your feedback and posting your wonderful pictures. We're so glad you all enjoyed it. 

    We will pop back next week to announce the winner of the voucher.  

    Thanks again everyone - we're going to lock this thread now as the product test is now closed.  

  • Hi everyone, thank you all again for taking part in this product test. We have loved reading your feedback and seeing your wonderful pictures. 

    We are just popping back to let you know the winner of the £200 Amazon voucher for providing feedback is missmyangels. Please do watch out for an email from us soon about your prize. 

    Thank you all again! 

  • Woohoo!! That cheered up a rainy, thundery day  in Sidcup! My daughters 12th Birthday is in July so will come in very useful😊

    Thank you so much MFM 😘

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