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Fancy testing MAM baby feeding bottles? £200 Amazon voucher up for grabs!



  • Evie is 9 months old
    We feed both bottles and breastfed
    She has around 2-3 bottles every 24hrs 
    I do own a microwave and we currently use tomme tippe bottles but would love to change 

  • 1. 4 months, 17/07/21
    2. Yes
    3. 4/5
    4. Yes i do
    5. we use Mam
  • 1. What is your baby’s age and date of birth? (This product test is strictly open to babies aged 6 -18 month only) 14 months
    2. Please confirm that your baby is an established bottle feeder only. yes bottle feeder
    3. Roughly how many bottles do you use in a 24 hour period? around 5/6
    4. Do you own a microwave? yes
    5. Which brand of bottle do you currently use? Tommee Tippee

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