More than 2 car seats in the back?

Hi all

My twins are coming to an age that the are ready for forward faceing seats, but with Milly already in one I was wondering if I can manage it without having to upgrade the car just yet.

 Milly is in the Bebeconfort Ieseos TT and we wanted to keep them all matching, we have the same color in the 2 bebeconfort Creatix-fix seats

Anyone any Ideas?




  • im not sure, we have tate and luka in maxi cosi's they are fab, and tom in the middle on a booster, just about all fits!! We have a galaxy but have to have back seats out to fit the prams/shopping etc, etc in!!
  • There is a corsa driving round here with 3 car seats in the back! I would think that if they can, anyone can!!!!
  • we have 3x3point harnesses in the back. but will need to look for a low sides seat for Milly with her casts on.

    can things get any more difficult for me?


  • Sounds like you are having a logistical nightmare Sally!!
  • Sorry im unable to help on this one hun but hope you are able to find an easy way to do it.
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