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car seat question for older prem babies

Hi all. Lydia is now almost one but still only weighs 16lb 14oz. My problem is that she is currently in a car seat which is rear facing. The manufactur guidelines say she can go forward facing at 20lb. My problem is that she no longer physically fits in it comfotably- she can't straighten her legs. Asked my health visitor today and she suggested distracting her with a toy! From her previous weight gain it'll be another six months before she reaches 20lb. Has anyone any suggestions or been in this position? X

** Just re read my original post and don't think I made myself very clear. Lydia is no longer able to sit in a rear facing car seat as her legs touch the seat. Was hoping she would have put on enough weight today so that I could turn her around so that she is forward facing and her legs would be free. **
Hope this makes abit more sense?!

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  • I don't have that problem, but you can look into a Britax first class which stays rearfacing till they are about 18 months. Than it can be forward facing till they are about 4.

    There is not only the britax first class there are several other brands that do a same sort of car seat. It allows your lo to stay rearfacing till it is safe to go forward facing.
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