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Bambino Mio/Mothercare Smart Nappies


I have just started using bambino mio reusable nappies on my second baby and am remembering how much they annoyed me with my first baby!  They keep leaking, it might be because I just need some new outers/wraps (or whatever they're called!).  I have been looking at the Mothercare Smart system and think it looks good and was wondering if anyone had tried it and also if bambino mio nappies are compatible with the outer/wraps of the Mothercare range as it's not very environmentally friendly or money saving to buy a whole new system.

I hope that makes sense! 


  • hi there, welcome to pp.

    im kas and mummy to niamh and tara.

    i used the oelife nappies with niamh but im afraid i was a bit lazy and sold them. my friend has been doing some trials for different nappy companies and has come across a comany called bumgenius. shes raving about them and they look amazing. they are no bigger than a disposable and the are all in one, no outers, nothing.

    sorry i cant help about your system as im not sure about if they are compatible, but just saw your post and thought id mention these bumgenius ones. maybe you could sell your system and buy another one??

    again, sorry i couldnt answer your question.

    hope to chat soon

    kas xx

  • Hi

    Have you washed the Bambino Mio ones much?

    They do get better with washing. I bought the Smart Nappy system, washed them, then tried them. Every one leaked! So i washed them again and not one has leaked.

    I also put the Bambino prefolds in the Smart Nappy wraps. No probs. Now using both! And my son pees for England! I prefer the Smart Nappy wrpas to the Bambino ones- theyre much softer!

    One tip is to not use fabric conditioner as this makes them waterproof. Not what you need when you want them to soak up you know what!

    Hope that helps


  • You are advised to wash each nappy at least 10 times before using as this maximises absorbancy!

    My little girl needs changing every 2 to 3 hours in her washables as she drinks loads and thus wees loads. Her nappies leak, but only if you expect her to stay in them for a long time!

  • oooo I think I might do this too, thanks ladies
  • Thanks so much ladies!  We have brought two of the smart nappy trial packs as we have been thinking about giving them ago so am pleased to read that they get the thumbs up as long as they are well cared for!  Have noted down the tips so thanks again.
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